BJHS Math 7 - Unit 6

Practice What We Do In Class!

Textbook Correlation - Do you need more examples?

Take a peek in the textbook pages mentioned below and the dates we are learning these concepts in class. These pages offer examples and extra problems to practice. If your child DID NOT bring a copy of the textbook home ask them to come and see their teacher to get a copy!

McGraw Hill Volume 1 /Approx. Date We Are Learning in Class

7.6A - Sample Spaces for Simple & Compound Events - pgs. 365-366 Jan 4-5

7.6E - Probability of Simple Events and Their Complements - pgs. 369-372 Jan 5-6

7.6C&D - Making Predictions using Theoretical and Experimental Probability - pages 375-394 Jan 6-8

7.6I - Probability of Compound Events - pages 391-396 Jan 11-13