Fastest laptop processor

Which is the best high-performance laptop?

Laptops are very useful nowadays. What's more, laptops can be taken anywhere and done with style. Just imagine having the fastest laptop processor in your palm. Just imagine what you'll do then! For the online workers, a powerful laptop means a high quality job for the employer.

These days, there are various laptops with different types of processors. There are two cores and four cores. The two cores are for laptops with low power consumption. In contrast, the four cores are used by the laptops which are meant for demanding jobs and heavy workloads.

You must consider the battery life as well when you are looking for the fastest laptop processor. The most advanced laptops have battery life which is long enough to give you enough working time even without the use of the CPU. However, if you work with the latest programs then it is advisable to get the ones with longer battery life. Otherwise, you might find it difficult to work for several hours or days without having to recharge the battery.

If you are looking for the fastest laptop processor then look out for the Intel CPU or AMD processor. The two are two of the most popular Intel based CPUs. For those who are using the latest programs, the Intel CPU is the one to go for. The Intel CPU is the fastest when it comes to benchmarking. However, the AMD processor offers better graphics performance.

There are many other types of processors available in the market. So, you have plenty of options to choose from. One option is to get the top of the line processors which have the best quality. However, if you do not need such high end performance, then you can go for the lower end brands which will be able to give you almost the same speed as the leading laptop processors.

If you want the fastest laptop processor, then you need to consider the RAM of the machine along with the EBook readers and USB ports. All these features should work properly along with a speedy CPU. Some of the leading brands which offer the best amd processor for laptops are Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony and others. If you are looking for the fastest laptop processor then look out for the Intel CPU. If you want to compare the speeds of the various systems then check out the internet for the details.

The main advantage of the Intel core processor is that they are much more efficient than their AMD counterparts. When it comes to gaming, the Intel has many advantages over the AMD based processors. The gaming experience on these machines is better than any other system. However, if you are looking for laptops which can handle normal office work and multimedia presentations then the AMD based processors would be better for you. The portability of the AMD systems is also something which appeals to many users. They can carry their system everywhere they want to.

The best laptops are those which are packed with all the necessary hardware, ram, processor, hard drive space and gpu. If you add a graphics card to the mix then you have got a powerful laptop which can run graphic based programs very quickly. However, it is important to know how much memory and gpu you require to run your favorite applications. To get a complete list of what is the fastest laptop processor, you can visit some computer forums.

The new generation of laptops with the Pentium and AMD processors are coming out soon. The new series of AMD Athlon processors are said to be even faster than the current generation of Intel CPU's. There have been rumors about the new Intel CPU's hitting the markets soon too. With new technologies such as these two already out in the market then it would make it easier to choose your processor. It would be very easy to find the best one that fits your budget and your requirements.

The new generation of MacBooks with the dual core i7 will be hitting the markets in late autumn or early fall of this year. If you compare the speed of the two newest MacBooks then you will find that the MacBook of the later generation is faster. This is because the newer MacBooks use a newer architecture and the main CPU and Video cards are not as old as the previous MacBooks.

If you are looking for the fastest laptop, then one of the best options would be to check out the Dell XPS line of laptops. The Dell line up of laptops all use the new microprocessor technologies from Intel. This means that any laptop of the Dell XPS series is faster than any other laptop of the same price range. Check out some of these laptops right now!

The 3 criteria for choosing processors

The processor is considered as the brain of your computer. The speed and the rapidity of the latter depend largely on it. It is composed of :
The cores

A basic processor has one core (or single-core). With a single core, the processor can perform a single task at a time such as opening a program, compressing a file, opening a web page, etc. Today's devices are composed of a multi-core processor to perform multiple tasks at once.

With a multi-core processor, the device can execute multiple instructions at the same time. A duo-core processor has two cores, quad-core four cores, etc. For some video games or photo editing software, it is important to have multiple cores to perform multiple tasks at the same time, with more speed.

However, there is a difference between the physical core and the logical core. The first one concerns the number of real cores present in the processor, the logical core is a SMT (Simultaneous Multi Threading) technique that allows to execute two tasks on the same core, in order to optimize the use of resources.

Intel has given the name of Hyper-Threading for these processors equipped with this technology.

If you are a gamer, we advise you to choose a computer with a processor with only physical cores. For classic office multi-tasking, hyper-threading is very suitable. (We point out this difference in our INTEL processor comparison).

To date, the maximum number of physical cores on processors with is 18.

The frequency is simply the speed of the processor. Expressed in gigahertz GHz, it determines the speed with which the instruction will be carried out. The higher this value is, the faster the tasks will be executed.

A processor with a frequency of 2GHz will be able to perform 2 billion operations per second.
The cache memory

The cache memory is a buffer memory that allows similar data to be stored temporarily in its cache. Acting like the RAM, the operations of this cache can be performed faster. This process reduces the waiting time and therefore increases the speed of your processor.

The larger the processor cache, the faster the data will be accessed. An i5 processor will have 6MB of cache compared to 8MB for an i7 processor.