The Three Little Minnows

By: Xander Fischer B-2


Once upon a time three little minnows named Mini, Shorty, and Heavy. There mom thought they were old to survive on there own. Then she made them pack their bags and she gave them fifty sea dollars to buy materials for their house.

Rising Action/Conflict/Climax

Mini made his house out of American Pond Weed. He used this material so that he had money left for food. Shorty made her house out of sticks, and she had a little money left over for food. Heavy made his house out of scrap metal. With no money left he asked Mini for some money, but Mini said, "No!" After that they all went to bed for the night. The next morning Big Bass decided to welcome Mini to the neighborhood and wanted to come in and crushed the house. Mini ran to his brothers house while the dust cloud was still there. After that Big Bass decided to greet Shorty. When Big Bass was at the door, Shorty said hide in a whispering voice. Big Bass crushed her house also.

Falling Action

Then both of them ran to Heavy's house and once again Big Bass tried to crush the house. Next he failed and got confused. That gave heavy the chance to call Snapp'n Turtle the chief of police.


When Snapp'n Turtle got there he ate Big Bass. Everyone lived happily ever after. Well except Big Bass.