The Answer for IP/Patent Attorneys

Cut Time and Effort Spent on Busy Work with AnticIPate™

Focus on Your Practice, Not on Your Busy Work

Currently in Beta testing, AnticIPate™ is an all-encompassing software solution built specifically for IP and Patent Attorneys. We've streamlined your process and honed our platform to be the most intuitive available. Co-designed by a practicing Patent Attorney, our sole mission is to give you back the time usually spent on back office tasks so you can focus on your practice!

AnticIPate™ Gives You Back Your Lost Time

AnticIPate's robust feature set includes accurate and comprehensive time recording, powerful docketing, comprehensive USPTO forms and documents, an intuitive client interface, remote file storage, automatic deadline calculations, a visual docket calendar, communication and e-mail tracking, invoice and productivity tools, reduced IT costs and more.

Some Key Features of AnticIPate™...

Simply the Most Intuitive Software Available for IP & Patent Attorneys

Why Choose AnticIPate™?

Intuitive Software. Cloud Based. SaaS. User
Focused. Self-Learning. Affordable Solution.

These aren't just buzzwords. They're the central tenants behind why AnticIPate™ was created. It's time to finally do your IP job without being bogged down by its busywork.

Your strength is critical thinking. But how often are you intelligently using your head for true IP work instead of your hands to inefficiently push paper around?

AnticIPate™ is a Part of the Attorney Essentials Network

Attorney Essentials presents a true single source solution to creating an efficient back office in AnticIPate™. When you save time on completing your mandatory, but consuming process tasks, you can focus on building your practice.