PSF Alternative Spring Break

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking Street Outreach

Do YOU want to knock out some non-legal pro bono hours?

Join us for a mini, two-day Alternative Spring Break May 14-15, 2014! Public Service Fellows is teaming up with the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking (FCAHT) to conduct a street outreach in St. Pete!

MINI Alternative Spring Break

Friday, March 14th, 12am

St. Petersburg, FL, United States

St Petersburg, FL

In this two-day program, you will receive a 2-hour training which will give you an overview on the issue of human trafficking and will prepare you for your role in the street outreach. On the second day we will be hitting the streets! We will be working from 10 am – 4 pm in an area of St. Petersburg. The location of our street outreach will be determined on where law enforcement specifies as target areas where they are having the most issues.

All volunteers will be broken into groups of four or more and given a route to walk. You will work together to inform local businesses of the issue of human trafficking. You will also be provided with current missing persons flyers to show the business owners. Don’t worry! You will be trained on how to conduct yourself and what to say to the business owners at the mandatory training on the first day. On the day of the outreach we will break for lunch at noon and resume our outreach until 4 pm.

Please join us in this great project in the fight against human trafficking and earn 7 non-legal pro bono hours in the process!

What is FCAHT?

FCAHT is a non-profit organization that works internationally and domestically to fight against human trafficking. FCAHT provides assistance to survivors as well as works to educate and involve the community in the fight.