What to Know about Mid Evil China

By: Miranda Ulses

Chinese Inventions

•They had many improvements in farming.

•They discovered coal.

•The discovery of coal led to the discovery of steel and its many uses.

•They created the printing press.

•They started a paper currency.

•They created gunpowder and fireworks.

•They built large ships with rudders and sails.

•They invented the compass for sailors to use.

Where People Lived

•The civilization was on mainland of East Asia.

•Some people lived in small farming towns.

•Others lived in towns along rivers.

•People also lived in large, prosperous cities

•The city of Changan had a population of around one million at one point.

•The layout of these cities inspired the layer of cities today.

•The wealthy who lived in these cities lived in houses with two or three stories.