Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness & The Secret Sharer


Joseph Conrad's, Secret Sharer & The heart of Darkness, both explore the darker side of human psychology. While the Secret Sharer tells a tale of a man finding his physical and metaphorical "twin self", The Heart of Darkness takes place in the jungles of Africa.

Main Characters

Secret Sharer: Unamed Captain

The Heart of Darkness: Marlow

Main Problem/ Conflict

Both stories tell a riveting tale of change- this change is of the depressing sort- which helps us understand inward thought and outward symbolism. Joseph Conrad crafted these beautiful novels and they are some of the best short novels in the English language.

What I liked about the book.

Unlike some other books in the English Language, this one leaves the reader in a deep introspect about ones self. Both book titles have a symbolic meaning behind them. The Secret Sharer talks about the Unamed captains second inner self, or "twin", while the Heart of Darkness talks about the dark recesses of the mind. As a reader, I enjoy this type of thought, I believe it is not only helpful to the mind, but the body and spirit as well. It is very important.

What was my favorite part of my book?

The favorite part of my book is when the Unamed captain finds his double named Leggatt. The Unamed captain was just sailing on a new ship, with crew mates he barely even knew. He couldn't sleep and at night he happened to stumble upon Legatt floating in the sea, because he accidently killed a man on a ship named the Sephora. This part was very enticing, because it was very random, and it was a very good way to set up the plot. It was very professional and I am astounded how it affected the story. It was very smart.
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Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer Book