Trench Warfare

By: Kyle and Walker

Sources: LDISD online britannica

Trench warfare and German submarines

Western Front fight.British navy started an economic blockade of Germany (later started Trench warfare) blockade was successful bringing trade to Germany at a stand still, also led to Germany's submarine campaign.

Germany had a large submarine fleet. They used diesel engines for surface cruising and put at least one medium caliber gun on the U-boats, later they could lay underwater mines

Trench warfare

1915 dead lock started because of a shortage of artillery shells. Germans used chlorine a gas (deadly) and soon both sides were using deadly gases.

The airplanes

Airplanes appear at the beginning of the war by 1915 photographs of the enemies positions were being taken. They ( both sides) started to give the airplanes machine guns and told them to shoot down the enemy planes. They fought for air control the whole war. They became international heroes.

The Zeppelin

Germany's count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin had seen the value of the balloon as an aerial observation post in the American Civil War. Zeppelin returned home to Germany after the Civil War he developed a navigable airship. It was a balloon of rigid construction.
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