America Is..


America Is... Oblivious

Based off of all my experiences throughout life, all the stories I've been told, from the many things I've heard, I have come to the conclusion that America is Oblivious on what is actually going on in the rest of the world and even America itself. Us as Americans live in our own separate world of corruption and cruelty that we are too blind to notice or take action.

We are too far gone to get help from the others and seek justice but we don't need justice anymore we need punishment. The only difference between justice and punishment is that punishment isn't blind.

We can no longer stay in the dark about everything, America needs to open their eyes to what is really going on in this God forsaken Earth.

We are now the Divided States of Embarrassment

But hey what do I know I'm just a high school student right America ?

Historic Evidence

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Historic Evidence #1

The government operates a vast database, which allows it to sift through millions of records on the Internet to show nearly everything a person does. Most of us are familiar with the NSA we hear about them all the time, but how much of them do we really know about them? How do we know what we know about them is even true, knowing the government it could be something far worse. But we can infer that they have eyes everywhere in America.

Historic Evidence #2

Even some of the big events that are happening in the world right now, most Americans don't know about. Most of America only think about what is around them and what is going on that directly affect, but most of the things that actually affect them the most happens beyond our country. People like to just live in their own world and not even care about human beings, I know the things that happen out of our control because just having the thought about it can go a long way

Historic Evidence #3

Whether its past, present, or future our government will keep many things hidden from us. There has been many cases that the government in which they have kept things secret from the public, but we have later found out. Even in this point in time, there is still many secrets that lay beneath our government. How much do we actually know about what our government is doing, how much will they tell us, and will it be too late before something falls out of line? These questions and many other are in speculation towards our government.

Visual Representation

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Explain Your Thought Process

What is your message behind your visual representation?

When I first started my visual I thought, how can I show how a country can be oblivious? Then i thought to myself what oblivious truly meant and its like ignorance which is basically being blind which then lead to the blind fold on the head of America. Then I was like, I need more stuff Mrs. Sandoval won't accept just this, then came the three monkeys and the quote. When you actually look up what the three wise monkeys mean, it relates to my statement. And lastly the quote ties in everything, it sums up my whole thought process

My art piece depicts the obliviousness and ignorance this country has fallen into. It demonstrates that we are just living our lives blind. ( I don't know why all the pictures are turned sideways and I can't fix it.)

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