By Christopher And Gloria

Limited soil

Where soil is exposed , water, and wind can quickly carry soil away in the process of erosion. This is causing a loss of soil fertility called wind erosion. Wind erosion is most likely to occur in areas where farming methods are not suited for dry weather. The steadily decreased of rainfall is a contributor to dry soil . Also plowing removes the grass from the plains which exposes the soil. These are the factors that may increase the possibility of there being and another dust bowl.

Watch out for your soil!

In order to be able to keep the farmlands and plains “Dust Bowl” free there are many things that farmers can do. Farmers could do these things to keep the soil safe. One is to plow their fields along the curves of a slope. This could help slow the runoff of excess rainfall. It will also prevent the soil from washing away. They can also disturb the soil and it’s plant cover as little as possible. Dead weeds and stalks of the previous years crops can be left in the ground to help return soil nutrients. They can also plant different crops each year. Different types of plants absorb different amounts of nutrients.