Barbara Mikulski


Pros and Cons of the Keystone Pipeline

The Keystone Pipeline was designed to carry crude oil from Canada to Louisiana. The Keystone Pipeline is about 2,147 miles long and has been a very controversial issue. Some people believe that the pipeline will create jobs, lessen our dependence on foreign countries that do not like the US, and lower gas prices without hurting the environment. However other people believe that the Keystone Pipeline will increase the unemployment rate, hurt the environment, and hurt the economy.

Pros and Cons of Raising Minimum Wage

Minimum wage may increase $2.95 an hour to a total of $10.10 an hour. Some people believe minimum wage should be increased because it will raise the way of living for poor workers and government expenses for social programs aimed at the poor would be reduced which would lower taxes for Americans. Some studies have shown that a gradual increase in the minimum wage has low impact on unemployment and a slight increase in revenue for the government would be generated from payroll taxes for social security. However other people do not agree. They believe an increase in the minimum wage could cause layoffs to workers at employers with a fixed company budget, cause employers to higher fewer workers, increase prices to offset higher labor costs, and wages for higher paid workers could be suppressed.
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Barbara Mikulski Biography

Barbara Mikulski was raised in Baltimore on July 20, 1936. She graduated from Mount St. Agnes College in 1958 and received a graduate degree from the University of Maryland School of Social Work in 1965.The first time she participated in politics was when she ran for the Baltimore City Council and won in 1971. After that she ran for Congress and won in 1976 where she represented Maryland's third district for three years. In 1986 she ran for the Senate and won. Barbara Mikulski was the first Democratic woman Senator elected in her own right and on March 17, 2012 she became the longest serving woman in the history of the US Congress.

Barbara Mikulski's General Platform

Barbara Mikulski is a big supporter of making sure children have the proper tools to learn from kindergarden all the way up to college. She is also trying to make college more affordable and fighting for the needs of rural school districts. She also supports pro-choice. Barbara Mikulski has been fighting for universal access to healthcare, saving and strengthening medicare, and making a lifetime commitment to women's health.

Barbara Mikulski is against developing the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to Louisiana but she wants to raise the minimum wage.

Barbara Mikulski is up for reelection in 2016 and her views on these issues will not be a campaign issue.