Grizzly Gazette

January 9th, 2022

Principal's Message

Good afternoon. What a beautiful day we are having. Our Character Strong trait this month is perseverance. Did we have to practice this trait with all the snow we had? We find strength and the ability to overcome problems when we practice perseverance. I find myself hoping to get through a challenge quickly, but this is not usually the case and I must rely on my perseverance to get through it. There is a confidence and thankfulness that comes with sticking with something and not giving up. We are all aware that it has been almost two years since COVID reared its ugly head.

My hope is that we will get through this very soon and enjoy the many things that we have had to put on hold due to the pandemic. Having others to persevere with through adversity is such a blessing. One day and then the next. Take care.


Dr. Rumbaugh's Family Message, 1-7-22

Hello Families,

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

I hope that you were able to rest, rejuvenate and enjoy our winter wonderland during the break. It was certainly a fun surprise to see so much snow! Thank you for your patience this week as we dealt with two-hour delays, buses on snow routes and technical issues with the School Messenger notification system and our district office phones.

As we move into the new year, the challenges of COVID remain. As a school district, we do everything possible to plan for responding to the immediate and unexpected impacts of COVID on our students, staff, and families. We work closely with our local health districts to determine our actions and next steps in keeping our students and staff safe. As such, students, staff, and visitors are still required to wear a mask at all times while in the school building. Wearing a mask is also required at any school athletic event or activity. Additionally, classrooms and staff areas are designed to ensure social distancing is in place and general hygiene is maintained. Families are encouraged to visit the COVID tab on our website. Diagnostic testing is available for students and families at each school, please contact the school for more information on testing schedules.

Closing Classrooms or Schools?

The escalating rates of COVID cases may increase the likelihood that a classroom(s) or school could be temporarily closed. Earlier this school year, we navigated classroom closures due to COVID so we are prepared to respond if closures are required. We have not had to close an entire school due to COVID and we hope this never happens!

The requirements for closing a classroom(s) or closing a school are guided by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and have evolved over time. The DOH has determined that three positive cases in a cohort of students (or 10% of a cohort testing positive for COVID) is considered a clustering of cases in a school setting. Under this situation, the following applies:

  • Unvaccinated students and staff must quarantine for 10 calendar days

  • Students and staff who test positive for COVID must quarantine for 10 calendar days

High staff absenteeism due to COVID could possibly cause a school closure, as we would not be able to operate the building safely. We are hopeful that no schools will be forced to close due to COVID infection rates or insufficient staffing. The District’s COVID Dashboard is located HERE.

If there is a classroom or school closure, students will receive instruction from their teacher or substitute. Instruction will either be virtual (i.e., Google Classroom or SeeSaw) or through materials sent home with students if internet access is not available. Should a closure take place, your school will provide specific information on student learning. We expect formal written guidance from the Department of Health specific to schools in the coming week.

January 4, 2022 Board Briefing

Following each regular board meeting of the Stanwood-Camano School District Board of Directors, a one-page summary is published focusing on meeting highlights. Please click on the summary link for the most recent Board Briefing. The Board welcomes public attendance at board meetings. There is also an option to watch the meeting via livestream.

January 10-11 Virtual Coffee with the Board

Please join members of the School Board for a series of virtual coffee hours on January 10 and 11. This is a great opportunity for the community to engage in conversation with members of the Board in a casual setting.

Here is the schedule and individual links for the virtual coffee hours:

Monday, January 10, 9 a.m.: Directors Ken Christoferson and Al Schreiber

Zoom Link

Monday, January 10, 1 p.m.: Directors Natalie Hagglund and Charlotte Murry

Zoom Link

Tuesday, January 11, 6:30 p.m.: Directors Miranda Evans and Ken Christoferson

Zoom Link

Deborah Rumbaugh, Ed.D.


Students will begin taking home Chrombooks and bringing them back the next day. This is in case we have a classroom or several classrooms shutdown due to a COVID outbreak. If a closure were to happen, more information from our school and your child's teacher will follow. Thank you.

District Website

As a reminder, here is the link to our district's website. There is a lot information regarding a number of topics for you to view. Thank you.

Important Dates

January- 12th, 19th and 26th-Late Start Wednesday

January- 17th-No School in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Here is the Zoom link and phone options to join the 'Virtual Coffee with the School Board
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