School Gone Silent

Texas school first to ban all non-school-related discussion

Hillside High School in Dallas, Texas has become the first ever to ban all non-school-related conversations. Under the claim that it promotes misbehavior and interferes with the student's learning environment, the school has a strict no-talking policy in hallways, bathrooms, and even the cafeteria.

The school's principal, Mark Johansen says, "excessive conversing had long been a problem at the school. Kids would walk from class to class with their friends, discussing the latest gossip rather than the polarity of molecules or the French Revolution. It was obvious that something needed to be done."

"Now," he says, "students have the time and space to let their new knowledge sink in, without the interference of unnecessary chit chat."

Even the teachers are reaping the benefits of this no-chatting policy. Long-time English teacher, Shelley Harding tells reporters, "I've never been so happy with my job. My overall mood hasn't been this good since hitting children was still allowed! It's a brilliant concept, really. No talking means no arguing, no conflicts, and no fighting. Where has this been all my career??"

Other schools in Hillside's district are seriously considering a switch.

"With such obvious advantages to the system, it doesn't make sense not to at least consider the idea," says a neighboring principal in the district. Perhaps this school's unprecedented move marks a change in the whole education system within Texas, or even beyond.