Pullman Elementary January 2013

Technology Tidbits

Tech PD 4 U

I am going to try something for a month and see if it is successful...please join in, if you'd like!

Sometimes more is not always better, so I am thinking of trying an App of the Month Club. Here's how it will work...

  • One creation app will be chosen to be the focus of the month
  • I will offer PD on this app one time each week.
  • The first week week of PD will focus on how to use the app, and the follow up sessions will give participants a chance to brainstorm how to use it in the classroom, focus on challenges and how to overcome them, share examples they have created with their students, etc.
  • My plan is to keep each session to 15-30 min max

My hope is that building in more time to focus on one app will allow us time to really dig in and use the app in a meaningful way in our classrooms vs. just glossing over it and then forgetting about it.

Our first app will be pic collage!

When: First meeting Wed Jan 15, follow up meetings on Jan 22, 29

Who: Anyone interested in using Pic Collage in the classroom

What: a fantastic app that allows you to mix text and photos in an easy way--great for all grade levels!

The Nuts and Bolts

What you need to know...

  • Don't forget our staff meeting on January 7 will focus on ways we can help set limits on the iPads for our students
  • On Jan 8 classroom teachers (others are more than welcome to join a classroom group!) will be participating in another Google Hangout with Crestview and Newport as we share take aways from TIES.
  • As we return from break, it would be a great time to reinforce good digital citizenship skills. I will attach a good document here. The last bullet point may not fit, but the rest are good reminders. https://blog.edmodo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/8.5x11_poster_design.pdf
  • I look forward to touching base with everyone soon and seeing where we are now that we are almost 1/2 way through the first year of our tech journey!!
  • Please email me if you are interested in a Schoology training. I know many younger grades are using google drive and that is working for them, but if you are looking at adding in a way to hand in work as well, Schoology might improve that part of workflow. I'd be glad to throw together a training for primary folks, if there is interest.

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