Jump rope for heart

Non Government Organisation

Describe the role of Government health organizations:

State and Federal Governments play a significant role in the promotion of physical activity. They provide funding to organisations such as Vic Health and the Heart Foundation, which in turn support governments in the promotion of physical activity at a state and national level.

Describe the role of Non-government organizations:

Non-Government Organisations play a critical role in promoting health at the federal, state and local levels. Some better-known examples of NGOs in the health promotion area are the Heart Foundation (Victoria), Diabetes Australia Victoria and the Cancer Council Victoria.

description of jump rope for heart

Established in Australia in 1983, Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart is renowned for being one of Australia’s most popular physical activity and fundraising programs in schools. Since the inception of Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart over 30 years ago, more than 90 per cent of all Australian schools, involving 8 million school children have participated in this fun and active program. We've given schools enough rope to stretch from Australia to Hawaii. Each year Heart Foundation Jump Rope attracts over 300,000 students, in over 1,500 schools with over 500,000 sponsors comprising of families, friends and members of local school communities.

The jump rope for heart foundation does employ the Social Ecological Model, this means that the changes the programs made are a multifaceted approach and the changes are more likely to be long term .This program is aimed at the population, its aim is to improve awareness and incentives of school kids although involves everyone.

The program considers tailoring to meet the needs of a specific age group and their interests. The initiative of this program has experienced change success. This is evident as the prevalence rate of heart disease and stroke has decreased over the past years

Describe the target group the intervention is aimed at and identify the setting

The jump rope for heart foundation is aimed at schools. Jump Rope for Heart is all about learning how to keep fit and healthy. It improves your strength and confidence in physical activities and builds healthy bones and muscles. You can have lots of fun with your class mates and play lots of skipping games too. At the same time you will be helping save Australian lives by asking family and friends to sponsor you for being a part this fun program. Funds raised go towards research to help the fight against heart disease and stroke.