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Steppin' up Your Vocab

How you do Use Those Words You Choose?

No matter what content you teach, vocabulary acquisition is a must. Various studies have intimated that the size of one's vocabulary is a key predictor in college acceptance and career readiness. VOCABULARY IS A BIG DEAL.

There are HUNDREDS of tools that you can use to help your students acquire, manipulate, and apply vocabulary. I'd start with this one. Here are some digital tools for your troubles.

Identifying Vocab

Allow students to access reading passages or glean vocabulary words from the passages is a big deal. There are various web tools that will help you adapt text for students to access, highlight vocabulary words, and offer synonyms.

Playing with Words!

Playing with words will allow students to practice with them. Plus, playing is fun. Here are some sites that'll let you play, but remember there are hundreds of sites that do similar things.

Working Together with Vocabulary

Applying Vocabulary

We can identify and play with vocabulary words, but if we don't apply them, students won't OWN them. These three sites will allow you to create stories quickly using the desired vocabulary.