Sand Tiger Shark

By: Bobbie justus

scientific name

Carcharis Taurus




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Physical Appearance

1. Large, Very visable, long dagger-ed formed teeth.

2. Very small eyes and they have no Nickhault.

3. Light brown, with bronze colored back.

4. White abdomen that has red spots with falcks on it.


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6.5 to 10.5 ft


200 to 350 lbs
Sand Tiger Sharks are very harmless

Sand sharks survive well in captivity, and their large size and menacing appearance makes them an extremely popular addition to public aquariums.

Their name comes from their tendency toward shoreline habitats,

Sand tigers are the only shark known to come to the surface and gulp air. They store the air in their stomachs, which allows them to float motionless in the water, seeking prey

Life Span

15 years or more

sand tiger sharks food

Hunting style

Sand tiger Sharks gather and form large groups to hunt. Group names are called School or shoal

Where Sand tiger sharks live

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Sand Tigers Sharks live in shallow coastal areas, and in more warmer climates.

Sand Tiger Sharks also have a yearly migration.

Sand Tiger Sharks mostly spend their time on the ocean floor, partly spend most of its time just below the waters surface.
Shark Academy: Sand Tiger Sharks
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