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Welcome to our team newsletter!

Hello all and welcome to our new team newsletter.

One of the things that has been very much on my mind recently is how difficult it can be for us all to connect and share our news, information, research, 'goings-on' and meanderings when we are spread across such a wide area, so a regular update like this seemed a good place to start.

I hope that over the year we can share what is going on at each of the colleges and the successes we have been involved in, as well as an opportunity to share our knowledge, hints and tips with each other.

The key to its success is collaboration - in the words of Madonna, "I can't make it alone". So please share with me what's going on in your part of the Activate world, and I can then share it with everybody else. If you'd like to write a short piece for me to share here, that would be even better.

This is my first attempt at putting this together, so any feedback - good or bad - would be much appreciated.


Teacher Education goes international

Visit to Nanjing - and more potential to expand our international curriculum

As you will know, in September, Adam and Rachel went on a visit to Nanjing Technical Vocational College. The purpose of the week-long trip was to support colleagues at NTVC with ideas and recommendations on how to shape and develop their teaching, learning and assessment to better support their vocational students.

We saw a number of very positive things when we were there, including very knowledgeable vocational tutors, a supportive leadership team, who were very supportive about the purpose of our visit, and students who were engaged and focused on learning, and we hope to have a follow-up visit from staff at NTVC in the near future.

There are other international opportunities being discussed that we are currently involved with, including further opportunities for development in China and Malaysia, so I will keep you posted on what those discussions lead to and how you might like to be involved.


Student Focus

RAGG rating - what's the point?

I attended a meeting last week where a manager (who shall remain nameless) was questioning why we bothered to RAGG-rate our students.

For me, RAGG-rating is about two things:

  • It allows us to see where our students are. Do we have any concerns about them around attendance, submitting work or engagement in class?
  • It gives us an opportunity to plan some interventions. How will we ensure that we are supporting students who are red or amber to move towards green or gold?

RAGG-rating shouldn't just be about filling in a colour on a form; it's important that we revisit this on a regular basis, and that we have clear plans in place for any areas of concern. We are more likely to have great success rates on our programmes if we have a clear idea of who needs supporting and what that support looks like.

So ask yourself - are you clear who your students are, where they are on the RAGG-rating and how you are going to support them and review that support going forward this year?


Get Together

One-to-one meetings (or maybe one-to-two meetings?)

You will by now have received an invite for a meeting with Adam and I to talk about you and your role, and how you can help to shape the future direction of Teacher Education.

Please do take some time before this meeting to reflect on all the strengths that you bring to our team, and I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks.