Discuss the history of automobile.

The car is a wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor and transports passengers. The automobile as we know it was not invented in a single day by a single inventor.

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What were the early cars like? and How were they different from the cars today?

Early cares were like Carriages without the horse. The same principles that drove the first car engines are still used today, modern car engines have changed and have met the efficiency needs of today's drivers

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How does an automobile engine work? How does the power get from the engine to the four wheels?

The purpose of a gasoline car engine is to convert gasoline into motion so that your car can move. Currently the easiest way to create motion from gasoline is to burn the gasoline inside an engine. Therefore, a car engine is an internal combustion engine -- combustion takes place internally. First from engine to transmission system via a clutch for manual operation .From the transmission you will need propeller shaft .Propeller shaft will then turn the differential .The differential allows the motion of the prop shaft to be converted to the motion of the wheels via drive shafts .

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How has the automobile changed the way people live?

Vehicles have had an enormous impact on how we live our lives. Without automobiles, travelling even a few kilometers would take a very long time. We depend on emergency services to arrive within minutes.

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