Night of the Twister

By Ivy Ruckman

An Amazing Book

This is a great book you should read it its a 5 star book I loved it.

Tornado Warning

The tornado hits run or read this book

Night of the Twister is guaranteed to be fun tense and AWESOME!

Problem and Solution

A problem in the story is the tornado ruined everyone's house. The solution is everyone goes somewhere else to live for a bit. Another problem is that Dan cant find his family. The solution is Dan goes back to his house and his family finds him


Beginning Arthur came over to Dan's house and they turned on the T.V. Mrs.Smiley wasn't answering her phone so mom came over to Mrs.Smileys to see if she was there and the tornado hit why she was there. Arthur, Dan and Ryan where downstairs in the shower. They survived but they couldn't get out. So Stacy came and helped them escape. They found mom and Mrs.Smiley.Mom and Mrs.Smiley was sent to K-Mart for safety. Middle then Stacy,Dan, and Arthur went into a cops car to get to jail for safety for a bit. On the way there the other tornado hit and the cop couldn't see so Dan had to drive to jail. They hated it there so they escaped in the morning. They find a cop tho and helps them try to find there family. They cant get to K-Mart so Dan jumps out and runs to K-Mart. Everyone in there has been evacuated to other places cause K-Mart was flooded.End so Dan started crying and went home and his family found him then they went home and dad saw there house so they went to there grandparents with Arthur until there house got rebuilt.


The main setting is in Grand Island Nebraska. Nebraska borders Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado and North Dakota. Night of the Twister takes place in Grand Island, Nebraska. This tornado in Grand Island, Nebraska actually happened.


The characters are Mrs.Smiley, Mrs.Goldie, dad, mom,Dan, Arthur, Ryan and Stacy.


Ryan never gets lost everyone eventually likes him he is the only baby and in the shower he turned blue because how could he was.