Teen Depression

Social Justice Project by: Brittany Thompson

Why I Chose This Topic:

I chose this topic because 20% of teens suffer depression and I'm one of them. We are so quick to ridicule people without knowing if that one statement to them will send them into a mental breakdown. 15 out of every 24 people commit suicide due to depression. I think today's youth needs to be more informed of teen depression so they can better understand that shy kid that is always alone. If you see someone struggling just give them a helping hand. To them it might be the one thing that shows them life is worth living.
Nickelback - Lullaby (lyrics)

Nickelback-Lullaby 2013

I chose this song because when teens are depressed they turn to music for comfort. This song tells them to not give up to listen to this lullaby and know he has been there before and they aren't alone.

Fact: "About 3,000 youth die by suicide each year in the United States making it the third leading cause of death in youth ages 10-24."

Cited: http://www.medicinenet.com/teen_depression/page4.htm

B-Mike - Baby Don't Cut (Lyrics)

B-Mike Baby Don't Cut 2014

I chose this song because it shows the pain that the people around you feel when you hurt yourself. When you end your life or cut your not getting rid of the pain you are just transferring it onto your loved ones. You may feel alone, but you're not.

Fact: "Each year 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males engage in self harm. Approximately 2 million cases are reported annually in the U.S."

Cited: http://www.healthyplace.com/abuse/self-injury/self-injury-self-harm-statistics-and-facts/

Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You ( lyrics )

Miley Cyrus- When i look at you 2011

This song is personal for me. I have a best friend named Chris who helps me everyday when i get in a depressed state. When you feel alone all you need is someone to look at and know they love you unconditionally and will help you through every struggle.

Fact: "Depressed teens usually have a smaller social circle and take advantage of fewer career and educational opportunities."

Cited: https://www.ineedalighthouse.org/depression-suicide/teen-depression/

Broken lyrics- Lindsey Haun

Lindsey Haun- Broken 2009

I chose this song because when you're depressed you feel all alone and broken and feel like it will never get better, but it does. There is always better days lying ahead and life is all about seeing the beauty in the bad days.

Fact: "Research has shown that depression has a biological component. It can be passed down from parents to their children."

Cited: http://www.healthline.com/health/adolescent-depression#Causes3

Lee Brice - I Drive Your Truck (Official Music Video)

Lee Brice- I Drive Your Truck 2012

I chose this song because it helped my brother and my cousin get through the suicide of my uncle. Every time they felt depressed they would drive his truck while listening to this song.

Fact: "Teens regularly exposed to pessimistic thinking, especially from their parents, and who learn to feel helpless instead of overcome challenges, can also develop depression."

Cited: http://www.healthline.com/health/adolescent-depression#Causes3

Why - Rascal Flatts [HD][Lyrics]

Rascal Flatts- Why 2009

I chose this song because after my uncles service that is when my depression really started. He was my father figure since my father was never around. Loosing him right after loosing my nanny began my depression, but when i felt down music was my go to. This song made me realize that today may be a struggle, but life is worth the fight and things will be better.

Fact: "Depression isn't a condition people can just "snap out of" or simple "cheer up." It's a real medical condition that can affect a person's life in every manner if not treated properly."

Cited: http://www.healthline.com/health/adolescent-depression#Overview1

How Do You Get That Lonely- Blaine Larsen (Lyrics)

Blaine Larsen- How Do You Get That Lonely 2011

I chose this song because it shows how people don't understand how someone can get to that point of ending their life. When someone commits suicide they think it is ending the pain, but they are just transferring it to everyone else.

Fact: "Depression often results in the person being unable to perform daily activities, like getting out of bed and getting dressed, much less working, socializing, or doing errands."

Cited: http://www.medicinenet.com/teen_depression/page3.htm

Mark Wills - Don't Laugh At Me

Mark Wills-Don't Laugh At Me 2009

I chose this song because bullying is a big part of teen depression. People are so quick to judge someone by their clothes or their weight, but don't even know what that person is going through at home. Just because you see someone who is different or a loner you shouldn't make fun of them. You never know if that will be what sends them over the edge.

Fact: Depression is curable with many antidepressants.

Cited: http://psychcentral.com/lib/4-facts-about-teen-depression-and-how-parents-can-help/