colombia is were I come from.


The capital of Colombia is Bogota,and the capital is above the sea level by 8,000 feet. Colombia is a beautiful place with a population of 45 million people.


Colombia has many foods ,and they are all good! one of my favorite foods is the food I am bring to the feast. They are called "Epanadas", they are pieces of bread stuffed with meat and mashed potatoes. Cheese is also famous in Colombia ,but its mostly used as an ingreident. Colombia is famous for its coffee.


Famous People

Juan manuel santos

Dr. Santos earned his masters degrees in Economics, Economic Develompent and Public Administration at the London School of Economics and Political Science at Harvard University. He was elected president in 2010 and re-elected in 2014. His presidential term will end in 2018.


Colombia's language is Spanish. Some of the words include "Hola" as hello, "Buenos Dias" as good morning and "Uno" as one.