Internet Saftey

How to be safe online

Do You Have A Good Password?

A secure password is very important. Why? Well, you don't want anyone to ever get into any of your accounts for anything. So don't have a password as easy as 123 Have a password like 76095. If your worried you may forget your password write it down and put it somewhere safe.

Don't Give Out Your Personal Information.

Are you playing games with strangers? If so, be careful. If you play games online with strangers don't tell them anything about you. Don't tell them anything personal like your last name, your school, your phone number, anything like that. You don't want to give out personal information because there are bad people who try to steal your identity. Stealing your identity means they would pretend to be you. You know almost 9.9 MILLION people every year get there identity stolen so don't give out your personal information.
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Think Before You Post.

Think. Are you on face book, twitter, snap chat, or kik? Then think. T- is it true? H- is it helpful? I- is it inspiring? N- is it necessary? K- is it kind? Well if not don't post it. When you post you should always THINK because something you post may hurt somebody else.
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Cyber Bullying

What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is bullying, only online. I have to ask you a question. Do you like being bullied? I didn't think so. So Don't bully. Easy, right? Anything you ever post should always be kind, otherwise it's pointless. Your not making anyone feel better. And when it's online it never comes off. So if you wouldn't show the whole world then don't post it. And you know, it could always come back and haunt you later.