Professional Learning Day

Friday, February 10th

Your Learning Mission

The EdTech team selected seven key characteristics (creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, student choice, problem-based learning and global connectedness) that we believe should exist in the 21st Century classroom. Each of you has been randomly selected to be part of a team. Each team has been assigned one of the seven key characteristics.

The purpose of this project is for each team to brainstorm and specifically implement your characteristic in each of your classrooms over the next six weeks.

In so doing, each of you will gain real life experiences of how your characteristic worked (or maybe didn't work), in your unique classroom, with your unique teaching approach.

You can view your team by clicking here.

Sharing Your Learning

The purpose of February 10th's EdTech Day is for you to share this learning experience during your session.

As a team you will recap each of your classroom experiences. The format you use for this is entirely up to your team. Be creative.

  • Share your experience! What did you think going into it and how did it work out?
  • Share specific examples: Ideas, Strategies, Resources used (ie. Apps, Websites, Media, etc.) and Results.
  • Document your experience with media.
  • Create a title for your presentation and a brief summary. Draw interest for your session. Please submit your title and summary here by February 1st!
  • Craig will take your titles and summaries and create a schedule that will be sent out on Friday, February 3rd. This will give you some time to peruse sessions you would like to attend when you are not presenting.


  • The first name in your group is your team leader. They will be responsible for setting a meeting place for planning purposes. Leaders, please correspond with your team members as to where/when you will be meeting.
  • Your first available work time will be on Wednesday, January 4th at 2:45.
  • We will work on getting additional work time during future EOW's.
  • This will take some time! Don't panic, it will be a work in progress. Our intent is not to get perfect work but to learn as an organization.
  • Mr. Badura will be available for any assistance that is needed. Please email him so that he can help you with whatever you may need in planning for your learning experience.

Key Characteristics