Life on other planets

Could life exist on other planets?

Neighborhoods in Space?

What would it be like to live on another planet? What would we wear? What would our lifestyle be like? What sports would they have? If humans could live on other planets, could our pets live there too? I wonder what our houses would look like and how we would travel? Instead of riding a bus to school would we all ride in a "hover bus"?

I think life on any other planet would be completely different. I think it is possible because of the amazing technology we currently have and I know our technology just keeps advancing. I predict life on another planet would consist of open land full of dust. People would surely sneeze alot! We would all dress in "space suits" like parachute pants and wear oxygen helmets with built in microphones so we could talk to our neighbors, friends, and family. I'd be sad to think that my dog could not live with me there so hopefully scientists could come up with a way to help our pets breathe too. With no gravity on another planet, sports would be awesome. Just think, I could dunk a basketball on a 20 foot hoop!

On other planets, people would have invented hover boards and hover cars for us to travel. With flat land all around there would be no speed limits and separate roads for hover boards that would be like sidewalks. Cars would be designed to go up to automatically know how fast to go and could basically drive themselves although we would still be the ones steering.