Left Behind: by Tim LaHaye

The story of those left behind after the rapture

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The Book is 449 pages and is not a quick read, don't that discourage you from reading it though because you won't want this book to end! I ended up reading "Left Behind" because it was recommended to me by a family member. It originally sounded like it would not be for me as it sounded like it heavily involved religion but it is actually more an action/thriller involving religion. When I started it I could not put it down, even with the mentality that I would not be interested!

Would I read it in a life or death situation?

In a life or death situation, I would have to be honest an say no I don't think I would read it if I knew I could possibly die. Simply because of the fact that the book is about the end of days which would not give me much hope for the future in real life, especially in that situation.
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Things I loved and things I hated

Things I loved

  • Development of the characters was very in depth and I could really picture what they looked liked and their mannerisms.
  • The overall plot and setting of the book is really good I believe. It leaves a lot of room for drama and action which creates the atmosphere of "whats going to happen next?"
  • How the story is told from the perspective of three characters perspectives and how they eventually all collide.

Things I disliked

  • When there was not anything happening the story moved slower than I would have liked.
  • The characters were detailed and well developed but at the costs of some parts being all character development and a little boring.

A connection I made with the text

This book references specific prophecies in the Bible that will be signs of the end times as part of the story, it was interesting to hear about the events happening in the book that I have always read about in the bible and this is another reason I liked this book.

Favorite quote from the text

"Rayford wanted to be strong, to have answers, to be an example to his crew, to Hattie. But when he reached the lower level he knew the rest of the flight would be chaotic. He was as scared as anyone on board." Chapter 1, page 17

Would I recommend this book?

I would very much recommend this book. It has elements that everybody can enjoy. It's a story of action, drama, mystery and even love. It does have religious references as it is a book about the end times according to the bible but mostly it is about good people trying to get ready for a the apocalypse and how they come to terms with the fact that world is ending and mourn for the ones they lost during the rapture. So again I would recommend this book to everyone no matter their taste literature as it can appeal to a wide range of readers.

What we learn about humanity in this book

This book really highlights the nature of humans in times of crisis. What you see is not good. When the rapture occurred in the story there was mass confusion and people were pushing and shoving hurting others for their own benefit such as getting to a phone first to contact loved ones. People who are under extreme stress or are scared and confused in this book tend to look only after themselves and take care of their own motives, no matter who it hurts or hinders. I find this trait to be very prominent in every day activities. It is just our nature to look after ourselves first and foremost which is a malady that characters in this book learn to overcome.