How Tigers Adapt


the stripes on the tiger blend in with the surroundings a tiger is in like branches in a jungle


they hunt by crabbing their food and their sharp teeth rip the meat so its easy to eat


Tigers are carnivores, so they usually eat meat. Depending on the native locale, this can include antelope, deer, boars, and yaks, as well as smaller prey such as hares, monkeys, and wild dogs. Rarely, very young elephants and rhinos will also become prey. Tigers are not scavengers, and will eat only what they can kill in the wild.In areas where domesticated animals live, tigers will also attack cows, horses, and donkeys. It is usually only older, slower tigers that become man-eaters.

other adaptatins

There are a range of other adaptations that make it easier for tigers to thrive within their environment. They have a special adaptation to their retinas, which allows more light to reflect back into their eyes, making it easier to see in the dark. They also have extremely good hearing and are even able to pick up infrasound, which makes it easier to hear and communicate over long distances in the forest, because infrasound can pass through trees and other objects. They also have large teeth and long, retractable claws, both of which help them to hunt