The Pulse of the Nation

Week of February 1

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Principal's Corner

Hi Nagel Nation!

Hats off to Carolyn, Debbie and the SuperHawks for all their efforts raising funds for the Cincinnati Honor Flight! Thanks to so many, Nagel will provide the funds to send TWO Veterans on this most special journey. A true example of how Nagel always GOES BIG! Thanks!!

A shout out as well to Jamie Thaxton who recently spent a weekend performing random acts of kindness with Kind Flash, by hanging cold weather items around Cincinnati neighborhoods.

Item #1 - Intent Form

Please find your letter of intent form in your mailbox from Human Resources. This form is due back to me by February 12th.

Item #1A - We need you to complete this QUESTIONNAIRE by Friday, February 12th.

Item #2 - Copy Machines

We are looking for your feedback regarding our copy machines. Aside from the copy count being less than the previous machines, will you please take a moment to email me with any comments. How is the scan function? Faxing? Ease of use?

Have you tried using the FX-Xerox-Monochrome or FX-Xerox-Color option where you can select that copier and print from any black and white or color printer in the district? Make sure you check the model #5875 for black & white and #7835 for the color copier.

Also just received the copy report for last month and hats off to ALL of you!! Our count is down and we are being told you are doing a great job of sending your large jobs to Central Office!!! THANKS A TON!

Item #3 - PBA #2 Scores

Please make sure that you complete your PBA #2 scoring in your team data document by Friday, February 5th.

Item #4 - World Language Visits during 7th Grade Encore

This is the week World Language teachers will visit 7th grade advisories to discuss the different World Language options for 8th grade. On the particular day in which the teachers will visit your team you will have an extended advisory (7:20-7:50am). Please move your students to the Flex Room on these days as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, February 2nd



Wednesday, February 3rd


Friday, February 5th



See linked Google Doc for more information.

Item #5 - 8th Grade Visits with High Schools during Core on 2/10

AHS/THS counselors discuss high school scheduling with 8th grade students. Teachers, if possible, please try to be in the Learning Commons during presentations AHS/THS counselors/administrators will meet with students as follows;

Team Time Location

8-1 10:00-10:30am LC

8-2 10:35-11:05am LC

8-3 12:40-1:10pm LC

8-4 11:30-12:00pm LC

8-5 12:05-12:35pm LC

At 2pm, students will return to their advisory and receive their Scheduling Sheets. Advisors instruct students to return scheduling sheets by March 7th.

Item #6 - State Testing Update:

Final call for a someone on each team to be the AIR test expert. John Bailey will have to begin assigning someone, if he does not hear from your team by Wednesday, February 3rd.

Item #7 - Info to Share:

Please remember to turn around after you check your mailbox, coupons and mailers that are received are posted there. Also the box hanging on the wall next to the end of the mailboxes on the right are filled with opportunities for classes.

Item #8 - Conferences

My Conference Time will be open for staff to begin scheduling high priority conferences from February 1st-11th. My Conference Time will be open from 2/12-2/25 for parents.

Item #9 - COCA Survey

The 2nd COCA survey will take place in 7th grade advisories on Thursday, Feb. 4th. 7th grade teams may want to flex their schedule that day if you think the survey will take longer than 7:40. Surveys will be in mailboxes on Feb. 3rd.

Please let Christine know if you have any questions.

Item #10 - Digital Safety Evening

On Thursday, February 18th at 7:00 pm in the Nagel Cafetorium, there will be a presentation "Staying Safe in a Digitally Connected World." Stephen Smith, the Director of Educational Leadership for Cincinnati Bell and Robin Engel, Vice President for Safety and Reform and police officers from the University of Cincinnati will be presenting tools, tips, and strategies for families to stay safe online. We hope you will help us promote this event to your parents and students to attend this extremely informational opportunity.

Item #11- PD Day

February 12th -- PD Day details will be coming soon.

Item #12 - Extended Team Time

We will have Extended Team during the week of February 8th. Please see Extended Team schedule linked here for information on who you need to cover. More information on the topic to be covered during Extended Team Time to come.

Item #13 - Super Severance

It is that time of year for anyone who is eligible to let the district know you are interested in taking the Super Severance option. Please see the link below for specifics.

Item #14 - Yearbooks

It would be greatly appreciated by Laura if you could each give a final push to your Advisees to order a yearbook this week. Please remind them the deadline is Monday the 8th.

Item #15- Safety Training

Safety Works Training emails arrived to you today. There are only 2 to complete and one is just a quick read and one question, so try to complete as soon as possible so you can cross it off your list.

January-May Nagel Middle School Timeline




2 - Extended CAT - Math/Science

3 - Team Leader Meeting @ 2:30 - Room 115

3 - Advisory Rep Meeting @ 2:30 - Room 118

5 - WEB Luncheon - 7th GRADE and ENCORE only - Room 115

8 - Extended Team Time

9 - NO CAT

9 - BLT Meeting @ 2:30 - Room 114

10 - HS Counselors & Admin Team Visits

10 - Achievers Meeting @ 2:30 - Room 115

11 - Winter Athletic Recognition Night - @ 7:00

11 - Extended Team Time

12 - NO School - kids - Professional Development Day

15 - NO School - Happy Birthday George, Abe and the others

18 - Digital Safety Evening with Cincinnati Bell and UC - 7:00 PM


Tech Bytes

Schoology Non-negotiable Resources:

To this point, many of you have reviewed the Schoology Non-Negotiables presentation. Kyle has received requests to break down each non-negotiable into a checklist format. In response he has created a Schoology Non-Negotiables Assessment Checklist which will help you to self-assess or ask another colleague to assist you in assessing your use of Schoology. Administrators will also use this tool to help you better understand what you need to work on (if anything) as it relates to our Non-Negotiables. If you have several several items to work on, it is suggested that you work on it in steps rather than trying to fix everything all at once. This process will be explain in several upcoming PD opportunities.

Schoology Non-Negotiables PD:

Kyle will be explaining the non-negotiables and describe the use of the two resources referenced above during several optional PD opportunities. The first PD opportunity will be on February 12th during our in-service day. Please look for Kyle’s Schoology Non-negotiables in the list of available sessions and sign up if interested. This session will focus on understanding each non-negotiable requirement. You may also choose to attend one of two available PD Thursday sessions during your personal plan time. The two dates for these PD Thursdays are February 25th and March 3rd. On February 25th, we will focus on Step 1 - Step 2a while on March 3rd, we will focus on Step 2b - Step 3.