Fearless in 4th!

May 17, 2017

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Field Day Monday, May 22nd

Monday, May 22nd is scheduled to be our Field Day. If it rains, then we will have field day on Tuesday, May 23rd. The past couple weeks we have been tracking behavior (not only in the classroom but in lunch, recess, pe, art, music, and IMC) and work completion. Each day they have a chance to get 25 points (which is equal to one field day station). For every 25 points that they lose, they will have to sit out a field day station. If a behavior ticket is issued, that is an automatic 25 points that is lost. If an ODR is issued, that is an automatic two field day stations. If more than one ODR is issue in the time frame, then it will be a meeting with Ms. Grimm to determine if any field day will be participated. Your 4th grader will know on Friday, May 19th how many stations they will be participating in.

4th Grade Final Panther Party

The fourth grade would like to celebrate their final trimester party by having a “wheel and watermelon party.” On Wednesday, May 24th, those students who have qualified for the final trimester party (met the Dojo class average points at the end of the day on Tuesday, May 23rd) will be able to roller blade, play kickball, or play on the playground. We will also have a watermelon treat. Your child may bring rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, or bikes on Wednesday, May 24th. Please have your 4th grader’s name somewhere on their item in case it gets lost or if there are duplicates.

Important Dates:

May 23rd: West/Southwest States and Capitals Quiz

May 24th: 4th Grade Final Panther Party (If your student met their DOJO goal, students can bring rollerblades, skateboards, scooters or bikes!)

May 24th: Pizza lunch for those who only miss 1 or 2 on their final States and Capitals test!

May 25th: Last day of 4th grade! 10:45 dismissal

Curriculum Corner

Math: We have started our next math unit next which covers the following skills: multiplying fractions by a whole number, measurement word problems, and generating and identifying patterns.

Please work on their math facts!!

*Don't forget that your learners can access IXL at home and the game Prodigy. Both websites are excellent ways to have your 4th graders practice math skills!

Reading: The last couple weeks we will be doing a lot of reviewing of reading skills that we have covered this year in 4th grade.

Writing: We are almost finished with our opinion paper and completed our district writing assessment today. The last two weeks we will be integrating science into our writing as we research an animal and write an expository piece about the animal.

You can see most of their writing pieces on their google drive! Go to google.com, have your learn log-in like they do at school and then they can pull up their work!

Spelling: We will be doing two more Words Their Way sorts before the end of the year!

Science: We have been learning about plants and animals and will be beginning an Animal Adaptation project next week.

Social Studies: We are learning all about the region that we live in, the Midwest! Next week we will learn about the Southwest.

Class Names

Here are the following names in our class: (we have 24 students)

























Fact Dash: great website to practice math facts!!


If you have a Twitter account, please follow our class on Twitter @pantherpeeps. I have checked in the office to whose picture cannot be released so I will try to not have them in the pictures or I will blur out their faces.

Our Twitter account is for educational purposes only and for you to see what is happening in 4M!


Each school year, teachers are finding a greater need for implementing lessons on how to be more empathetic, how to be good citizens, what to do when others aren't making good choices, etc.

Each week, I will be implementing a lesson on Tuesday's about the idea of being "mindful," which is the ability to be fully aware of yourself as you are in the moment. This requires one to be aware of their surroundings and what is happening right now.

This week our lesson is, "How to Recognize MY Feelings." This comes down to basic needs and their feelings, reactions, etc. to those basic needs which often drives behavior and moods. Often kids don't know why they are acting the way they are, this lesson will help them reflect on it. Not only that, they may just recognize it before it becomes a problem and come up with a solution :-)

Scholastic Book Orders

Class code to order online: QFWQY



8:10-8:35 PE Gallick

8:55-9:20 Intervention

10:55-11:20 Recess

11:20-11:45 Lunch


Monday’s 12:00-12:50 Art

Wednesday’s 11:50-12:15 Music

Thursday’s 12:00-12:50 IMC

Friday’s 11:50-12:15 Music