October 31, 2018

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In this edition of the VanWeekly...

  • GaETC is open to non-Vanguard
  • Group Vanguard Photo @ GaEtc
  • XP and Stipend Reminder
  • ACTION ITEMS- January PD Event
  • Twitter Chat
  • School Lead call
  • Webinars
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Shining a Spotlight on Success

Mark your calendar

Nov 7-9- GaETC

Nov 8- Twitter Chat

Nov 13- Webinar

Nov 15- School Lead call

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Thank you to everyone who has registered for GaETC! We are excited that we were able to extend this opportunity to Vanchise members, and today I have even more good news.

GaETC Registration is now open to non-Vanguard faculty and staff!

We still have some room left in our GaETC registration block, and we would love to fill it up if at all possible. So I want to encourage you to reach out to your interested co-workers and share this opportunity with them as soon as possible!

Here are some important points to know about non-Vanguard registration:

  • Attendees must get their principal’s permission to attend GaETC.

  • Vanguard/Instructional Tech will NOT be able to pay for their substitutes; the cost must be covered by your school.

  • Absences should be put in as professional days.

  • Encourage them to register ASAP! Given that GaETC is next week, they should not assume that their badge will be mailed to them. They should be prepared to pick it up in person at the conference.

  • They can attend one, two, or all three days. Whatever they choose, registration is the same.

  • This is a strictly first-come, first-served situation. When our block is full, it's full!

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Calling All Vanguard Members! Invite your colleagues to GaETC 2018!

GaETC is a 3-day event, November 7-9, 2018

At the Georgia International Convention Center (2000 Convention Center Concourse; College Park, GA 30337).

As a colleague of a Vanguard member, your attendance is paid for!

You can attend 3 days, 2 days or 1 day. All you need to do is–

Discuss with your Principal. Secure your Sub (paid out of your school’s budget) & then . . .

Register for GaETC ASAP!

Fulton County Vanguard/Vanchise Members and colleagues have been assigned the Group Code FCVAN350. You must register to attend the conference no later than Oct. 29th so that you will receive your name badge by mail and expedite your check-in onsite (plan to get your badge in person at the event if you register later than that). We must have a completed registration for each person attending the conference. Please note: Any registrations already assigned DO NOT have to be re-submitted unless a substitution is needed.

How to Register:

Register @



3. Enter your email address. SUBMIT Register myself for this event.

a. If you are in the system, your information from last year will populate – make necessary updates.

b. If you are NOT in the system, complete the ‘New Registrant” page

4. Registration Options, select ‘I have a Pre-Paid Group Code’

5. As you complete the form, there is a box - ‘Please select a conference registration type or code’, select FCVAN350 – Full Conference

6. If you register for Pre-Conference Workshops, you are responsible for the cost of the workshop

7. Payment Options, select ‘Pre-Paid Group Code’

8. Submit

*****You will receive a confirmation email

****Name badges will be mailed beginning Oct. 25th


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XP and Stipend Reminder

Stipends will be released twice during the year. Early stipend earners will get their $500 stipend in December. If you're not quite to your XP goal by the deadline for the December release, you will be eligible for the second round, which will be issued in February.

November 16th - Early Bird Gets the Worm Deadline!

  • Teachers & METIs must earn 35 points by this date to get their stipend in December.
  • Non-Instructional staff must earn 25 points by this date to get their stipend in December

February 1st - Staying the Course Deadline!
  • Teachers & METIs must earn 50 points by this date to get their stipend in February.
  • Non-Instructional staff must earn 35 points by this date to get their stipend in February.
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Calling All Presenters!

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January Vanguard Professional Development Day

We are ramping up for our January PD, “Limit Break” gamer themed professional development.

To pull this off, WE NEED YOU!

This is your opportunity to share what you know to help others around the district. We are soliciting session proposals from Vanguard members for Speedrun Sessions (IGNITE - 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide, 5 minutes total ), Main Quest Sessions (90 minutes) and Side Quest Sessions (50 minutes). Please consider submitting a proposal for one of these opportunities.

We need your expert knowledge!

Session proposals are due on Sunday 11/25/18.

We look forward to learning from each other in January!

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Twitter chat on November 8th!

Join us for our next Twitter chat on November 8th! Next week's questions come from @FCSVanguard. It will be all things related to GaETC and the excitement surrounding the event. We wish we could be at every session, but we just can't. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to see and share all of the great information. Make sure to take pictures, notes, or videos and share some links from your favorite sessions.

Check Teams for the topic, host, and a link to questions for upcoming chats. "See" you then!

Interested in hosting or sharing a topic idea? Let us know here!

School Lead Call – Thursday, November 15th at 7:00pm

We will be conducting our meeting in Microsoft Teams, and the link to join the meeting will appear in the Vanguard School Lead Team - General channel.

Thursday, November 15th at 7:00pm


Mark your calendar for the November Vanguard PD webinar, which will be on November 13 at 7:30 pm (not November 27). This will be a virtual Smackdown session in which volunteers will have a couple minutes to share something innovative or transformative that you learned at GaETC. You may also share something new you learned about coaching. If you would like to speak during the session, there will be a form available closer to time for you to sign up.

We are looking for your feedback on topics for future webinars. What do you want to learn? Do you have something you would like to teach are showcase to the rest of team? Please complete this quick form to let us know.

Interested in hosting, sharing a topic idea, or anything else "Twitter related"? Read below!

We are looking for hosts for our coming Twitter chats! Please let us know if you are interested or know a colleague inside or outside of Fulton County who you believe would make a great host! Have ideas on the perfect topic? Reach out and let me know! Hosts, topics, and all things Twitter can be submitted here:

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Module 2

Module 2 is now up and ready.

A few reminders for NEW members

  • Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that we will be using with the team. Introduce yourself at password is Vanguard

  • New Members Make sure you are checking your emails. Messages are coming from 3 locations:

1) Vanweekly Every Wednesday
2) Teams ( This is the most frequent) Please continue to ask any questions to us in Teams. To get our attention quicker Tag our names by using the @Sign for example @Chanel Johnson, @ Pam Kelly @ Christian Padget.
3) Outbox in Group ( read the visual above) This is the least frequent
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Shining a Spotlight on Success

Ms. Nefertiti Singleton serves as the Vanguard School Lead and Professional Learning Facilitator (PLF) at Oakley Elementary School. This year, she decided to design mini EdCamps for professional learning because she "felt like her school needed something new and innovative to deliver high quality professional learning." With minimal experience in planning and organizing EdCamps on her own, she further researched it, pitched it to her principal and made #EdCampOES happen!! The EdCamp was so successful that when she and her principal tweeted about their first experience, it caught the attention of the EdCamp Foundation. Nefertiti was charged to write an article in their community newsletter highlighting this work. We look forward to it premiering soon! Kudos, Nefertiti!!!

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Please share your success stories with us! You may see your "Spotlight" in an upcoming Vanweekly!

Share Your Success!

Share your Tip, Tool and/or Trick!

Share your Tip, Tool and/or Trick!

If you have a technology, instructional strategy/best practice, or coaching tip, etc. please share!

Share your Tip, Tool and/or Trick here

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Vanguard Leadership Team

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Fulton County Vanguard Team

Mission: Building the capacity of instructional leaders to transform learning and teaching.

Vision: Through building colaborative relationships and supporting student focused learning, the Vanguard Team will positively impact student achievement.

Pillars: Transform, Innovate, Mentor, & Support (TIMS)


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