Michael Jordan


On February 17th, 1963 in Brooklyn New York, a legend was born. This wasn't just any old legend, he was by far the greatest. His name was Michael Jordan.

Background Info

Michael Jordan grew up with his parents, Deloris(mom), and James(dad). He also had 2 sisters, and 2 brothers. Their names are Roslyn(younger sister), Deloris(older sister), Larry(older brother) and James(older brother). Michael Jordan started out playing baseball, which was his favorite sport.


Michael started playing basketball in middle school. After that, he tried out to play basketball in high school, but he surprisingly didn't make it. Failure is what made him the best. Hearing the words,"you didn't make it" helped him be the legend he was meant to be. He practiced intently every day, sweat on his forehead, his heart pounding out of his stomach, tired but proud of working his hardest. But in 1983, he decided to relax just a little and he got married to Juanita Vanoy. They had three children. Marcus, James, and Jasmine Jordan. But he went right back to practicing. Then the NBA asked him to play. He joined the Bulls team. While he played on the Bulls he became the greatest. He played so hard he had gotten a severe ankle injury and was off the team for a month. The team had a hard time without him, but they played like he was there. Once he was back, he kept on hittin' those 3's. No one could stop Michael from shooting baskets, especially when he was dunking!
He is now 51 and his children are in their 20's. He lives with his wife and cares for his children. He's an amazing basketball player, but that's not all. He inspires people to become the best, and keep trying even when you don't make it. I think he's a great man, and you should too.