Structure of the Executive Branch

Tyler and Justin

Vice President

The Presidents Cabinet

–Secretaries of the 15 executive departments

–Vice President

–White House Chief of Staff

Purpose and Duty of the cabinet

They advise the president on any issue that falls under their departments responsibilities.
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National Security Council

They made NSC during truman's presidency. Made to advice and assist the president of national security and foreign policies.

Secretaries of State, Treasury, and Defense

Head of the CIA

Chairman of the joint Chief of Staff

Vice President

Presidents Chief of Staff

Office of management and budget

Assist the president in the annual budget. Also provide agencies with guidance on how to prepare their budgets.

The Federal Bureaucracy

It’s people that work for government.

Postal workers, soldiers, CIA spies, agricultural soil testers, tax collectors etc.

Cabinet Level Departments

Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Army

Bureau of Indian Affairs, National Parks Service, Forest Service

FBI, DEA, US Marshalls


Independent Agencies

There is NASA, USGS,United States Postal Service, USA Freedom Corps, CIA, Peace Corps.

They provide specialized service for the our country and the president.

Regulatory Commissions

Interstate Commerce commission, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Federal Trade Commission, Nuclear Regulatory Commission.