Loving Yourself Inside and Out

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How Build a Better Body Image

Every person is different. Every body is different. Our bodies allow us to be the people we are. They allow us to dance; they allow us to sing; they allow us to run and jump to hug a friend and to make an impact on the world. Here are Cornish, we want to celebrate the unique and wonderful person that you are. Here are three steps to help you build a better body image.

1) Deconstruct the Media

Learn the facts about what goes into making TV and magazine images of what passes for the perfect body. In the world of retouching, many of the images that you see have been altered to fit into what others define as "perfect".

Who you are, just as you are, is pretty great!

Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models

2) Be Realistic

The vast majority of people, even those at an ideal weight, cannot measure up to the "perfect body" of supermodels or professional athletes. According to Drew Anderson, PhD, an associate professor of psychology at the University at Albany, the State University of New York, "We have this persistent myth that everybody can be like that if we try hard enough, just buy the right product, work hard enough, etc.," Anderson says. And when you physically can't achieve that goal, "not only do you dislike yourself, but you also start blaming yourself for not being able to meet that ideal," he adds. You can probably make some important changes, such as working toward a healthy body weight if you are over- or underweight, but you can't turn yourself into a 6-foot-tall, lanky supermodel if you are actually a curvy, petite, 5'2".

3) Appreciate Who You Are!

Don't let your whole life revolve around your waistline. Recognize those things that make you unique, beautiful and capable. Perhaps you have a sparkling smile, a beautiful head of hair, or a vivacious personality. There is power in words – give yourself little compliments and pep talks throughout the day.
Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

Photo Contest

As a way to celebrate and love who you are, send us photo and statement that showcases what YOU love about your body!

Take a photo that shows off what you love about YOU. Also submit a statement telling us why.

The fine print:

  1. No nudity.
  2. Winners will be selected by the Student Life staff.
  3. By submitting your photo and statement, you are agreeing to the following terms:

    · I authorize Cornish College of the Arts and its agents to use, display, publish, and distribute the image or statement for any University related purpose on websites, publications, broadcasts, displays, and any other medium.

    · I waive any right to inspect or approve the material that may be used with them now or in the future, whether that use is known to me or not.

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