Learning Adventure Project

An explanation of your students Learning Adventure Project

Learning Adventure Project - How to play rugby?

This year, your child will be undergoing a learning adventure. Your student will be required to review the "How to Play Rugby" learning adventure website I have created. The purpose of this activity is to stimulate your child's interest in the topic, while challenging them to identify key information listed in links and videos on the website. At the end of the adventure, your child will be required to create three diagrams and list information about the characteristics and roles of players. Your Child will also state which position they would be best suited for and why.


Learn about a new and interesting topic

Conduct Research into listed topic

Apply knowledge learned to create a visual display

Reflect on personal strengths to create an argument

Helpful Hints & Necessary Materials

The assignment should need little to no parental guidance, but it is imperative that parents make sure students fill out their graphic organizer, complete the true or false questionnaire and complete the assignment under the "show what you know" section on the learning adventure project page. The assignment will require the student to print out the graphic organizer and questionnaire. Also, the "Show What You Know" assignment will require paper/poster board and materials to draw the required diagrams.

Additional Reading Materials



England Rugby Annual 2015

The Rugby Spirit by Gerard Siggins

Know The Game:Rugby Union by the RFU

Learning Adventure Project Link

Here is the link to the Learning Adventure website so that you may view the content and provide guidance to your child if needed.


If you have any questions regarding the project, my contact information is listed below.


Professor Greening