The Middle Colonies

New Jersey and Deleware

New Jersey

  • New Jersey was first settled by Dutch colonists around 1630

Economic base: in terms of revenue generated by New Jerseys top 5 agricultural products are green house and nursery products, horses/mules, blue berries, dairy products, and chicken eggs. Crops the most important source of agricultural income in New Jersey is from the green house and nursery products.

Interesting fact: Religous diversity showed that a colony could thrive with many religious sects.


  • Delaware was founded in 1638 by Swedish colonists as New Sweden

Economic base: Delaware had a thriving economy. Farmers in the middle colonies produced surpluses of wheat, barely, and rye. Delaware sold cash crops and was known as one of the bread basket colonies.

Interesting fact: Delaware was named after the Deleware river who's name was derived after Sir Thomas West who was Virginia company's first governor.