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May 2, 2016

Weekly Calendar

Monday, May 2

8:30-10:15 Kindergarten (Ms. Kosmas) to Jackson Bottom for Wetland Experience

11:45-1:30 Kindergarten (Mrs. Harris) to Jackson Bottom for Wetland Experience

2:15-3:00 Kickball Club Cancelled

Tuesday, May 3

8:45-11:45 1st grade (Ms. Robin) to Jackson Bottom for Amphibians

9:45-10:30 Mrs. E. Harris ELA Performance Task

10:30-11:15 Mrs. Zekmeister 10:30-11:15

11:00-12:00 Staff Appreciation Luncheon

2:15-3:15 Junior Scientist Club

2:15-3:45 Academic Club

Wednesday, May 4

8:45-11:00 1/2 (Mrs. Cruickshank) to Jackson Bottom for Sensory Fun

9:45-10:30 Mrs. E. Harris ELA Performance Task

10:30-11:15 Mrs. Zekmeister 10:30-11:15

12:50-1:30 PBIS Assembly

1:35 Early Release

1:45-3:30 Junior Naturalist Club at Jackson Bottom

Thursday, May 5

8:30-10:30 2nd grade (Mrs. Severance) to Jackson Bottoms for Birds

9:45-10:30 Mrs. E. Harris ELA Performance Task

10:30-11:15 Mrs. Zekmeister 10:30-11:15

2:05-3:45 Running Club Cancelled

2:05-3:45 Academic Club

6:00-7:00 District Science Fair

Friday, May 6

8:45-10:45 3rd grade (Mrs. Harris) to Jackson Bottom for Biodiversity

9:45-10:30 Mrs. E. Harris ELA Performance Task

10:30-11:15 Mrs. Zekmeister 10:30-11:15

2:15-3:45 Garden Club

2:15-3:45 Vex Robotics

Saturday, May 7

10:00-12:00 Bottle/Can Drive

Farmington View Information

  • Attendance: A reminder that good school attendance is 95% or better. That's missing less than 8 days for the school year. Here is our current attendance data.

>95% =195 or 65.8%

90%-95% = 86 or 28.7%

<90% = 16 or 5.4% (-4 from last week)

  • We are currently under our goal of have less than 7.5% of our students being chronically absent this year. Thank you to all of our students/families who are only staying home when ill.

  • State Testing: State testing is going very well. Students are giving their best effort and we've reduced the amount of time we've spent testing. Several classes will complete English Language Arts this week and some will start Math next week.

  • Parking Lot/Parent Pick Up: As all of you know, our parent pick up is a bit of a mess. After meeting with several parking lot experts, we are designing the North parking lot to be the future parent pick up area. They are modeling the pick up area after the efforts at Ladd Acres. At Ladd, they had cars stopping traffic on Cornelius Pass. After making a two lane pick up area, things are much smoother there. We hope to have lines painted and a plan by June 1, 2016. This will give us a few weeks to prepare for the fall and work out any kinks. Thank you for your patience!

  • Garden Cleanup: Thank you to all the families and students who came out on a beautiful Saturday to help us cleanup the garden. Please see pictures below. It was a great time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Additional Nighttime Custodial Time: Farmington View has been allocated two additional hours per night to clean classrooms. It might seem like a small thing but the staff are very, very excited!

  • Jackson Bottom Field Trips: All of our classes will visit Jackson Bottom in the next two weeks. Please make sure your child wears appropriate clothing/shoes for the day.

Bobcat Booster & Farmington View Parents for Academic Excellence (FVPAE) Information

  • Magic Math Money: Thank you to all who participated in the Magic Math Money Contest! You helped us raise nearly $1,000 for the Math Program! The $100 classroom prize and Dodge Ball with Mr. Will goes to Miss Robin's class, with 64% of the class participating. Thank you for being Magic Math Money Heroes!

    Don't forget Magic Math Money is available year-round! Not sure what to get Mom for Mother's Day? Looking for a gift that a new Graduate would love? Or maybe you need to get a little something for your favorite teacher? Magic Math Money is always a great gift idea, and they are identical to the gift cards you would pick up in the store! You can find order forms on the school website or in the office. The last dates to place orders for this school year are May 9th and June 6th. For those last-minute gifts and shopping trips, you can find a great selection of on-hand Magic Math Money for purchase in the school office. Thank you for supporting our wonderful Math Program!

  • Box Tops: Please turn in any Box Tops and Labels for Education before the end of May. We have earned almost $700 of our $1,000 yearly goal! The class who turns in the most labels will win a Popcorn Party - Thank you for your support!

Have a great week!