Water Loss In California

Water For Life

All humans and animals need water to survive. About 70% of earth is covered in water. Most of earth’s water is salt water. Since saltwater has too much salt in it, if humans drink saltwater we could become too dehydrated and die. The freshwater on earth only makes up about 2% of water on earth. Most of this freshwater is locked up in glaciers and ice caps. Freshwater is mostly used to grow crops, drink, and to feed the worlds population. Smaller amounts of freshwater are used for drinking and industrial uses. As population increases the demand of water and food will be increased. A large portion of freshwater is being wasted by inefficient draining system. The earth does not have an on going supply of water. Humans are making it worse by overusing our natural resources. Our water sources are also being polluted by human waste and harmful chemicals. In some places around the world this pollution causes death. Also global warming which is a result of releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere is also diminishing freshwater sources. Climate change has caused extreme storms. In certain places global warming is causing bad droughts which is resulting in a large loss of animal and human lives. In some places water is so scarce that countries are beginning to fight over water. “The availability and control of freshwater supplies are issues poised to define life in the twenty-first century.”

The Problem In California

The drought in California is at it's worst right now. Residents wells are drying up and people are slowly running out of water. Residents are worried because April 1 is when the snowpack accumulation is the highest and this year was the lowest. The snows water was 50% of the normal level when they took the first measurement then it dropped 25% of the usual average.
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This is a picture of California and where the drought is most. The drought is mostly in the center of California and goes out.

Governor John Brown Signs a Bill

Governor Brown sings a bill for water funding projects. Brown has singed a $1 billion plan for long term water projects. The projects include recycling sewage water and improving treatment plans.

Encourging People not to Use so Much Water

Governor Brown has came up with a few ideas to help preserve water. Brown suggests that residents don't water their grass so much and that the city doesn't water the grass dividing the roads. Brown also implies that water agencies raise their prices so that people don't use as much water.
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This is a picture of Folsom Lake, near Sacramento, California.

This shows how much California is in drought.