Pre Sports

By EdgarPerez

The rules

1.Never get into a fight.It will decrease your chances of getting into athletics next year

2.Remember to bring your gym cloth on time,it shows that your responsible

3.Don't bring your devices to gym.It is not the coaches fault if you lose your phone.It's best to keep it in your locker

What to expect

You will be having plenty of fun.Yes,on friday if you have acted good you do get to play dodgeball.Plenty of running.One day you will run the football field for 15minutes strait.Getting your own locker,you will use it for keeping your cloth,deodorant,money,etc.

Changing in the locker room,It might feel awkward at first but you'll get used to it.If it still seems awkward you can always change in the restroom stalls.If you have coach black you will have health on wesnday,if you have the coach coach baumhardt it'll be on thursday