I am really exited to meet you!

Thank You!

Thank you for Skyping with us! I'm exited to Skype with you and I hope you are exited to read my digital presentation!

I live in (and was born in) Lewisville TX.

Lewisville is a wonderful place to live. And no,we are not cowboys, I don't think any of us own horses. (unless we are talking football, then we are the Dallas cowboys)

These are my best friends!

My City!

All About Me

My name is Alina. I am currently 9 years old.

I live in Lewisville,TX. My favorite color is light purple. I love pets. I have 3 fish,

1 guinea pig,2 birds,2 dogs,and 1 turtle. I am in Safety Patrol. I have a mom, a dad, and 1 younger sister.

My Teachers!

My favorite subject,what's yours?

My favorite subject in school is science,because we get to do fun experiments.

What do I do in my free time?

In my free time I like to read, play with my sister, or go to special events with my best friend Melissa.

Where I want to go someday?

Someday I would like to go on a trip with my best friends to a major city somewhere. "What, somewhere!"? you say? Well I just simply haven't decided. (there are so many choices :))

My Family!

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My Dogs! ( Top-Carmel Bottom-Cooper)

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