Tammy Baldwin

Senate from Wisconsin

Keystone Pipeline

Cons: The fossil fuels interest pushing the pipeline are being cut, unemployment, and poor and working will be disproportionally affected.

Pros: Restores economic growth, building more jobs, more oil, and lower gas prices.


increasing minimum wage

Pros: More money for kids, and parents don't have to help their kids financially

Cons: Company looses money, object prices go up, and more power to kids.

My biography for my senator

Born in wisconsin on Feburary 11, 1993. Focuses on energy sources. Pro abortion. Elected to senate in 2012.


  • Pro abortion
  • No civil rights
  • Yes to corporations
  • Yes to forcing anti gays crime
  • No to funding mexico to no more drugs
  • No school prayer
  • Yes to banning large amount of bullets
  • Yes to tobacco as a drug


agrees with adding the pipeline

agrees to bumping up the minimum wage


The last time she got re elected was in 2012. The next election she is up for it. Not a campaign issue for her more abortion and gay rights because she is openly gay.