Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement

By: Jordan Xiong, Jacob Schill, Alec Schmidty

Which Act Did We Select?

We selected the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act, because it seemed very interesting, and it caught our attention.

When was the original act passed and has the name of the Act ever been changed?

Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act was passed on July 15, 2004. The name of the Act has never been changed as of today.

What was happening before the Act was passed?

Before this Act was established, people were misusing information, or as in other cases stealing other people's identity's without them knowing. Many people were stealing other people's identity before this Act was established, and that was a big major problem in 2000-2003.

Why did those injustices occur?

They occurred, because people wanted money and stealing other people's identity was an easy way to get free cash but not legally.

Was there a specific incident that triggered passage of the act?

There was no specific incident that caused this act. Over the course of several years and many identity thefts, the act was finally passed

What types of people are affected by this act-who does it help?

Everybody is affected by this Act, because this Act is stating that if you are to take somebodies identity, than it is illegal. Statistics show that 7-10 Million Americans are victims of identity fraud in just a year.