By: Matt Devine

What Is It?

Millet are high seeded grasses, most commonly used around the world in cereal grains for human and animal consumption. The most common place to find millet being grown is in developing countries overseas, because millet is a crop that is favorable to short, dry, and high temperature growing seasons.

Millet is grown in 3 stages.

1. the seed establishes roots and leaves.

2. the stem and leaves become elongated, and the tillers emerge.

3. the florets become fertilized and the plant reaches full maturity

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Top 3 Millet Producing States

1. Colorado

2. Nebraska

3. South Dakota

How It`s Harvested

Millet is normally either harvested with a combine like corn and beans, or by hand. when it is harvested by a combine, it must have a special rotary head that picks up the millet and then rolls it off its plant.
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More Fun Facts About Millet!!!

*It only takes 65 days for Millet to mature

**You can pop Millet like popcorn

***Millet is one of the oldest foods known to man

****Millet can fit in a baby`s nostril