Lauren News

Fairy Tales


Once upon a time there was a girl named LaurenElla. She had two ugly step-sisters and an ugly step-mother (Who was even uglier than the step-sisters). All three of them were mean to LaurenElla. One day LaurrenElla was in her bedroom weeping than her her fairy godmother showed up. LaurenElla didn't know what to do so she just sat on her bed and kept crying then her fairy godmother asked her why she was weeping. LaurenElla said that recently her father had died in a the war. Ever since than her step-mother and step-sisters had teased her do all of there chores. And she also said that sometimes they sometimes they made her go outside and put mud in a bucket then the step-sisters would take the mud and throw it everywhere. Then her step-mother came in and tell her that she was a dirty pig and made her clean it all up. And her step-mother took all of her fathers jewels and spent them all on new gowns. Her fairy godmother said that there was a ball that night and she would go into town and find her the prettiest and sparkliest gown in town. LaurenElla said thank you to her fairy godmother and she went off into town. When she got back she found LaurenElla crying and covered with mud. She calmed her down and got her cleaned up and into her gown. Then she told LaurenElla that she had a special suprise for her. She went to the window and got a box. She brought the box over to LaurenElla's bed. LaurenElla opened the box. In the box she found glass slippers. She put them on and hugged her fairy godmother. LaurenElla said thank you . Then she asked how she was going to get there? Then she and her fairy godmother flew her downstairs and told LaurenElla to find her pumpkin. Soon she did. Her fairy godmother turned it into carriage. She soon was at the ball. As soon as the prince found her they danced till midnight when the clock struck twelve LaurenElla hurried to her carriage knowing that the magic would soon end. On her way to the carriage she lost a slipper. The next day the prince went looking for the owner of the slipper. When he had found LaurenElla's house both the step-sisters tried on the slipper. Sadly (only sad to the step-sisters and the step-mother) it didn't fit. Then the prince caught his eye on LaurenElla. The step-sisters tried to talk him out of it but they failed. LaurenElla tried on the slipper it. Soon after that day LaurenElla and prince Mason Styles the 9th got married and they lived happily ever after.

The End.