Join The Federalist!

By: Serena Mata


Federalist- supported the Constitution and a strong federal government!

Why Federalists Are Different

Federalist supported strong national government! The solution to this would be a Bill of Rights which the Federalists opposed as they believed it would not include each and every right causing those missing to be broken and abused. They believed that the mentally strong and experienced would provide the best government control and authority for the benefit of the United States. Though they did wish to preserve these liberties, the Federalists favored the well educated and propertied class who were settled in the East. The Anti-Federalists did not favor these people, but instead wished to help and provide for the states' rights advocates, backcountry farmers in addition to the poor farmers, illiterate and poorly educated, those in debt, and the paper-money advocates of the United States.

National Power!

We decided to have national power instead of state power! We will have our rights as well as we would have them if we were Anti-Federalists, but!... We have separated the power equally!

We Will Protect You!

If we have national power we will be sure to protect you! Protect you from other states and countries!

Members Of The Constitutional Convection!

John Jay

James Madison

George Washington

Alexander Hamilton