5 Themes of Austin

Kanishka Mitra

Location (Map of Texas)

This is a map of Austin, Texas (30 Degrees 16'N, 97 degrees 44'W) in comparison to the other cites in Texas. Austin is the capital of Texas. Austin is located in the center of Texas. San Antonio, Houston, Dallas are some of the other big cities located near Austin.

Location (Map of U.S)

This is a map of Austin, Texas in comparison to the location of Austin to the U.S. In this map, Austin, Texas is located at the very south of the U.S. and is bordered by Mexico. Texas is bordered by states such as Louisiana, Oklahoma, And New Mexico.

Place (Physical Features) (Lady Bird Lake)

Colorado River flows through Austin. There are three man-made lakes in the city limits: Town Lake, Lake Austin, and Lake Walter E. Long. Mansfield Dam is located at the foot of Lake Travis. Austin is the place to live for outdoor lovers with parks, rivers, lakes, and hiking trails all over the city.

Place (Culture) (Collage of Austin)

Austin is known as "The Live Music Capital of the World" where they show the most music venues than any other city in the U.S. Austin film Festival is a major attraction for films all around the world.

Region (Austin Skyline)

Austin is located in the Hill country. Therefore Austin is very hilly and has limestone rock with a thin covering of topsoil. Austin's climate is sub-tropical with southern winds and sunshine almost everyday of the year. Austin has very hot summers and mild winters. Austin is very diverse ecologically and biologically. A variety of plants and animals are found in Austin. Austin is home to many different wildflowers including the bluebonnet, yellow bell, Texas kidneywood, etc.

Movement (UT Bell Tower)

In the 1830's pioneers began to settle in the area in central Austin along the Colorado river. The city grew after the construction of Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas at Austin. The city soon became a center of government and education. In the past three decades Austin became a center of technology and business. A number of companies like Apple, Google, IBM, Intel, 3M and Texas Instruments have headquarters or regional offices in Austin.

The residents of Austin are mostly government employees, university professors, college students and business people.

Human Environment (interactions) (Capital)

There are three man-made lakes -Town Lake, Lake Austin, and Lake Walter E. Long. A Dam was made called Mansfield Dam which created Lake Travis from Lake Austin. Town Lake being is surrounded by nature. So the city of Austin decided to make a trail around it and set up canoeing centers along the lake.