Biography by: Maya Akl 8E


Salman is 14, Muslim, born in Pakistan, and living with four siblings and his two parents, Nazir, Zarina. His dad works as a 24 wheeler truck driver and his mom does not work. Salman likes to spend time with his family when he has some

free time.



Salman started playing different sports at a young age. He started playing volleyball when he was in grade, 6, football in grade 4, and basketball in grade 3.

These are the several sports that Salman plays:


Salman currently goes to the Valleys Senior P.S., and he used to go to Thornwood P.S...

Salman's favourite subjects in schools are Gym, Art, and Music.

He's good at these things because he studies.

The subject he feels best in Math.

Salman is Visual learner, which means he learns best while seeing stuff be demonstrated to him.

He tries to participate in all school activities.

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Salman is going to take buisness and technology in High school, but still isn't sure of what he's going to be in the future, but possibly an engineer because buisness and technology can lead to that.

If he does become an engineer, he doesn't know what kind of engineer he'll be.

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Salman has traveled to different places in his life.

He has been to New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit, Pakistan, and Abu Dhabi.

The longest time Salman has been on vacation is a month and a half.


To entertain himself other than sports, Salman entertains himself by watching T.V. His likes watching Anime. He also likes hanging out with his friends.
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Special Visits

Favorite things

Salman's favorite restaurant is Paramount.

His favorite movie is Fast and Furious.

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Parmount Resturant

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That was all about Salman!

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