Bright Lights, Big City & YOU!

Glowing Stones Leader Incentive to Soho Design Studio!

Let's GLOW for it together!

There are BIG GOALS for so many of us this month, so it's time to give us the much needed carrot to work toward!

Have you ever dreamed of getting to see how our design team creates our beautiful accessories or giving feedback to Home Office? NOW YOU CAN!

From conception to production, Stella & Dot's designs lead the way & now you'll finally have the opportunity to see all of this UP CLOSE & PERSONAL with your very own trip to our NYC Design Studio!

This is where Blythe dreams up all of our designs & where our design team makes them come to life! When we hit Executive Director and/or Platinum Director team in November, all of you that hit Star pay rank and above will earn your spot on a fun filled trip to NYC!

Big image

Details, details, details...

How do we get there?

1.WHEN the Glowing Stones becomes an EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR and/or a PLATINUM DIRECTOR team!!! This is a team promotion! We cheer each other on AND we SHARE IDEAS! We STAY POSITIVE and we motivate the greater team to make it happen. 100% - this is a team promotion. WHEN we do that, it unlocks this for you...

2. Hit STAR or above pay rank in November to be eligible to go! So many of you are working at first time promotions (welcome to leadership!), trying to re-promote yourself, helping others get to Star and more. This is time together will celebrate the leaders of this team!

Now the fun part: what do we get to do?!


--Tour of the NYC Design Studio!

--Leader lunch afterward

...and, IF we hit PLATINUM DIRECTOR:

--Night out on the town BEFORE the Design Studio Tour

--Team sleepover in the city!

What's covered?


--Lunch afterward

--Accomodations in the city (if we hit our big stretch goal of Platinum Director!)

***and mayyyybe some other FUN surprises too!

I'll keep you updated!

You want to know where we are? I'll keep you updated all month long. When leaders hit goals WE WILL CELEBRATE!

To be an Executive Director team we need:

$200,000 in team volume

2 Director Legs

4 Star legs

To be a Platinum Director team we need:

$200,000 in team volume

1 Senior Director Leg

2 Director Legs

5 Star Legs

WHEN YOU HIT STAR... you go on the #starsquad list!

We are stuck in the suburbs until we hit EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR! BIG APPLE OR BUST!

Fancy tracker to come but for now - here's a quick snapshot!

Our last trip! YOU belong in the next picture!

Big image IN?! Let's GLOW!

xoxo, Krista