Deadly Places on Planet Earth

There are many dangerous places on the earth. Many of the places are very beautiful places, and have good job opportunities. A few of these places include, California, Indonesia, Chile, and Barbados. These places may seem beautiful, because they are, but they are also very deadly. These places have earthquakes and volcanic activity very often. Making them a place where in all reality you should consider the risk in being there. Read more to find out what these locations exactly entail.

Valdivia, Chile

Fascinating Chile

Chile is a great place to live, and one of the best spots to visit. One city in particular, Valdivia. The city is rich in history and culture, including many festivals annually. There are many old traditions that are still practiced today, including the making of ancient beer and chocolate. There are ancient forts from the 1600’s that can be visited year round. The public transportation like boats and trains make it easy to access these places. Overall the visit here can be very exciting and fun.

Cold Truth

Although Valdivia can be a great place to live, it also has a very high risk for earthquakes. This is because not one, or two, but three tectonic plates meet at Chile. These plates include, the Nazca plate, the South American plate, and the Antarctic plate. The Nazca Plate is subducting beneath the South American Plate 80 mm a year. The earthquakes are made when the plates are trying to go on top or bottom and the rocks break. This creates a shaking movement, an earthquake has occurred. The Antarctic Plate is subducting beneath the South American Plate 20 mm per year. So the South American plate is being pushed up at two different angles. The other two are subducting and will collide underneath the South American plate sometime within the next 100 million years.

Total destruction

These three plates colliding is causing thousands of earthquakes a year in Chile. Around noon on May 21, 1960, the biggest recorded earthquake of all time shook Valdivia. This quake left 5,000 people dead, 3,000 injured and 2,000 missing. The town had just started to thrive when the quake struck, it brought in tsunami waves measuring 10 meters high, or 35 feet. The tsunami killed another 10,000 people and left 2,000,000 homeless after homes were slid from their structures. The waves destroyed and carried away anything left from homes. There are quakes happening very often in Chile, some are big and some are small. Overall these earthquakes prevent it from becoming a powerful country. These facts make Valdivia Chile the most dangerous place on earth.

Los Angeles

Beautiful Los Angeles

There are many great things about Los Angeles, California, and many reasons to live in The area. One of the main reasons people move there is because of job opportunities. In Los Angeles the there many job opportunities are technology fields, entertainment/acting, and the government. The government employs about 111,00 people. The reason that entertainment is such a big hit is because Los Angeles is really close to Hollywood. Los Angeles is called the center of entertainment, because it is so close to Hollywood. Many sports fans live in the Los Angeles area, because there are a lot of sports teams in the area. If you have young or even older kids then this is the place to be. Los Angeles has the second best school district in the country. There is very warm weather all year round most years. In July the average temperature is around 80 degrees, and in January the temperature averages around 55 to 60 degrees.

Underestimated Los Angeles

Although there is much to love about LA, there are a few things people should know. Los Angeles California sits on the San Andreas fault which is located in California. The North American plate and the Pacific plate are under ground and rubbing up against each other. The fault line that it sits on is a Transform boundary. This boundary isn’t as deadly as a convergent boundary, but can still create major damage. The North American plate and Pacific plate are constantly rubbing together. The Pacific Plate is moving NorthWest, and the North American is moving SouthWest. After a while rubbing together a piece of the plate will break off. Once those pieces break off earthquakes happen, also when that happens sharp cliffs are made. Mountains are also made when things like that happen. The San Bernardino mountains were made because of earthquakes.

Deadly Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles may a good place to live in, but others may not think so. Los Angeles is a place where earthquakes are not uncommon. The highest one ever recorded there was a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. If that earthquake would have happened now then it would have cost more than 1 billion dollars. Many people would advise not living there because the city is literally nicknamed quake city. Last year alone there was 416 earthquakes. That is more than one a day! Many people lose their homes because the earthquake ripped it apart. The population of Los Angeles is well over 3.5 million. Think of how many injuries are caused each year with a population that big. People that live there sometimes will move because there is a such high earthquake risk. Los Angeles is close to an ocean, there is a high tsunami risk/flooding risk. It doesn’t rain to much in California, but when it does it rains for long periods of time, which causes lots of damage. These are some reasons why Los Angeles California is one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

Java, Indonesia

Friendly Java

People choose to live in Java, Indonesia because the people are flat out friendly. The people of Java treat newcomers with great respect as long as they do the same in return. If newcomers treat them with respect and gain their trust, they will act as a family member and open up great opportunities for them. Also moving to Java, Indonesia is easy, learning the language of the Indonesian people is simple for everybody. There language is one of the easiest to learn in the world. They have plenty activities for families and great schools for kids to learn. The people of Java are very pleasant and welcoming to everybody who comes as long as they are polite and be kind to them in return. Java, Indonesia is a great place for families to live and a beautiful place to visit for tourists.

Tragic Tectonics

With the good of Java, Indonesia, there are some bad such as tectonic plate activity. There are two plates that cause Java, Indonesia to have active volcanoes and earthquakes. It is also located along the “Ring of Fire”, which is a collection of unstable tectonic plates surrounding the Pacific Ocean. This causes great natural disasters to happen all the time in Indonesia. Volcanoes are formed by convergent boundaries crashing together, which is what Java, Indonesia lies on. Convergent boundaries are always pushing together, but once week bedrock gives it causes one boundary to rise over the other causing volcanoes form, and earthquakes happen. This makes mountain ranges and what causes active volcanoes to form. Also once one plate crashes into another it will cause major earthquakes since major pressure is released. Since Java, Indonesia lies on a convergent boundary, and is between the Indo-Australian Plate and Sunda Plate, it has several results of earthquakes and volcanoes. For example Mount Merapi, which is a very active volcano, formed from the two plates crashing together. This is a very active region for volcanoes and earthquakes.

Beautiful but Dangerous

The tectonic activity causes the magnificent place of Java, Indonesia do have deadly earthquakes and volcanoes. Indonesia is a beautiful and fun place to live but with all the good there's a lot of bad. They have minor earthquakes every week and a deadly ones every 1 year. In the past 2 years they had of 7 earthquakes hit with a 7.0 richter scale rating or higher. It cost 13 billion dollars after a 9.1 to 9.3 earthquake hit in Sumatra, Indonesia. The earthquake itself was on the seabed of Indian Ocean, and didn’t cause that much damage. After that 5 tsunamis hit the shoreline and traveled inland with after-effects reaching Maldives and Thailand. It had a death toll of over 100,100 to 225,000 and costed the country of Indonesia 7 billion dollars worth of rescuing in the first 10 minutes. The elevation along the shoreline is 0 so when a tsunami hits it is devastating to anybody near the water. When major earthquakes and tsunamis hit people start to live off the government because their homes have been destroyed causing the government to spend money they don’t have. They also have to deal with a major volcano that can wipe out towns and cities. They have over 150 active volcanoes. The population of Indonesia is 249.9 million people. In 2014 of 550 people were killed by active volcanoes and earthquakes plus the tsunami’s. All those people took chances to live in Java, Indonesia because they loved it so much. Java, Indonesia is a dangerous place to live but people enjoy living there because it is such a breathtaking place.

Barbados Island, A Coral Island

Barbados Island, A Coral Island

There are many reasons to live in Barbados including the beautiful beaches and the great tropical climate. There are plenty of job opportunities in tourism and restaurants. Even though this place is beautiful it’s not apparent at first that the area has a lot of tectonic activity which equals earthquakes.

Shakey Barbados

The caribbean plate plus the north american plates slide into each other making earthquakes. This type of boundary is called transform. With transform boundaries earthquakes are frequent and can be very dangerous.

Danger In Barbados

There was a earthquake in the past seven days, one in the past month,18 in the last year. Though the earthquake threat is much more apparent there has been 75 tsunamis in the past 500 years so unlikely to happen but still a threat.

Places like California, Indonesia, Chile, and Barbados are very dangerous. They are beautiful yes, but you have to think about safety also. If you were looking for somewhere to live but aren’t certain where, I would stay clear of the area. If you want to risk getting earthquakes fine, but honestly you don’t need to be in an area where it costs lots of money, and there is many kinds of danger. Pick an area that doesn’t experience earthquakes or volcanoes, because honestly it isn’t worth the danger.

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