Weekly Bulletin

March 27, 2017

Lunch Duty

A Lunch Andrea

B Lunch Deacon Bob

7:30 Detention Kris

Tuesday, March 28 is the National Guard Obstacle Course in the gym (FUN!!)

Students have to have a signed permission form to participate.

Staff Prayer: Deacon Bob

Search this weekend.....

The gym, library, old locker rooms, music room, chapel, kitchen, commons, Lisa's room, and hall bathrooms are the only rooms that have been reserved thus far. I would recommend putting personal belongings in your locked classroom closet just in case.

March PLC Topics

March 28 ***HS/OLL/GFCCHS Vertical Alignment 3:30-4:30 ***Please plan to attend.

April...Technology changes

May...Handbook changes

March 30 Spring Concert and Open House

5:00-6:30 Open House--All teachers need to plan to be in their rooms. Please make sure rooms are clean, bulletin boards are updated, student work is displayed and a set of textbooks are out. It will be a come and go format. There will be tours and information tables set up in the commons.

6:30 Spring Concert with OLL, HS and GFCCHS

Celebration April 29 (Please plan to attend!!)

ESLRS are now ISO's Integral Student Outcomes

The staff members at the meeting last night came to the consensus that we should morph our ESLRs into ISOs. These are graduate outcomes or what we want a graduate to be when they leave us.

I will take this to the SAC members and support staff.

New Mission Statement (Draft).....feedback welcome.

Great Falls Central Catholic High School is committed to fostering a Christ-centered community, academic excellence and service to others.

This will go out to the SAC and support staff for approval.


April 5 Operation Prom 7th period

April 7 Fr. Driscoll, ND priest, will speak to all the students

April 9 Senior Parent meeting

April 13 Holy Thursday (Living Rosary in the gym, no Mass)

April 14-18 Easter Break

April 20 Grand Friends Mass 9:30

April 22 Prom

April 24 (Monday**) Senior Scholarship Assembly, Cross Ceremony and parent reception

April 27 Respect Rally after Mass

April 29 Celebration

Technology update

Chromebooks have been divided up and placed in classrooms. Teacher names have been put on the bottom of them. They are not meant to be checked out from your room. They are meant to be used while in your classroom.

Students can bring their own laptops to use right now. We will test out our band width and see what glitches we run into.

There will be a paddle raise at Celebration for new desktops and laptops for teachers. When we are able to purchase the staff laptops, we will use the old teacher laptops for student check-out or put them in classrooms for student use.

Jeff Patterson would like to wait and put Microsoft 10 on the new laptops.

Jeff will be at Central on April 12 and 19 for PLC. We will be going through Google Classroom. It is the expectation that everyone is utilizing it to some degree next year especially with the migration to 1-1.