List of Ambitions

By Widaad Aamir

Who am I?

My interest in everything has caused me to be quite a puzzled person. I wonder, and I wonder more, all I want to do is explore. Explore, maybe open a few doors and lift up off the floor. I would love to travel the world and maybe get into a big swirl. My goals may seem unreasonable but ill complete all of them before I'm old and gray for sure. I wanna visit new places and see new faces. If its living the nightlife or witnessing a street fight, Id like to do and see all they're is for me. So here is a list, a list ambitions id want to complete.

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Hallway Tag

To run and scream like never before, to pass through open doors of a school hallway, and experience the adrenaline of being caught that is something i would love to do. With hair flying and shoes running, that is the fun thing. A school tag game would be extraordinary yes its nothing very ordinary.
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Someone Smile!

Smile. To smile in satisfaction is a great action. Making someone happy may sound snappy but believe me when I say I want to make someones dream come true. I want to leave a mark, or a symbol something so simple. After all the little things in life is what matters, the happiness of someone who has just been shattered, is something i want to experience first hand. A beautiful event is what will occur nothing else can compare with a big smile for sure!
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Rap Till you Snap

To say a few lines and lyrics that my dream, sounds lame doesn't it? In a big circle surrounded by supporters everyone is hooting on you that's what matters. The rush and rave of battling through, yeah I've seen it on tv but in real is when you really get to feel. As you can probably already tell I'm into this all, rapping and rhyming is a way for me not to fall. It helps emotion really let loose. Everything flows and it all just goes. Its straight froward and makes sense, a rap battle would truly be intense.

To end it all..

Id like to discover,explore and travel just a bit more. Till the ends of the world and tops the globe, i have a list a list for sure. Hopefully in my lifetime this will all be done before. Soon everything on this list must be crossed off but for now its yet to be begun, this list of ambitions has truly rung a few rhythms.
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